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i’m new to ecu tuning and datalogging and was wondering some things about crome. i have a 92 integra ls with a b18b and my ecu was chipped and crome tuned so i figured i’d try tweaking myself. what other programs do i need, and can i get other peoples logs or setups?

check out PGMFI.org they have alot of the answers your looking for.

i joined pgmfi when i downloaded crome and i’ve been searching and trying to move forward but i’m having some difficulty finding what i need. just figured it would help to try both forums

Although I know this has been answered before I am going to help you, When you “street” tune with crome you will need a wideband O2 to be more accurate. it won’t be dead on, but if your good, you can get it pretty close. you will need a Eprom burner and of course a chip. I think I use the AT29C256 chips or it is something like that where you can keep re-writing on them. for datalogging, you will need that Nokio cable or something similar that they mention on PGMFI, and Ostrich for realtime changes while tuning. talk to Xenocron on here or log onto his website xenocron.com for more help. he’s got bin files on his website.

thanks for the help, its a start. i think i have the datalogging cable and i know i have a sst chip in the ecu. the car was supposedly tuned by xenocron and i tried to email him and got no response. i also went to the dyno day about a month ago and didn’t get to speak to him cause he was tuning and dynoing the whole time.

most common chip used would be the SST 27SF512 you can buy chip kits but you said you already have the ecu chipped so not needed. i have the ostrich emulator and Burn1 chip burner. also using Moates Hulog for my dataloger and i have had no problems so far. im looking to learn alot more but im loving what i have accomplished so far. Xencron is a really great guy he is probley really busy at the moment. he helped me out with a burn1 issue i had.

www.moates.net www.xenocron.com

thanks, i’ll try this out. yeah that is the exact chip i have. xenocron is definately a good guy, i meant nothing bad about before, he was just busy giving those cars at the dyno meet about another 100 hp each. he knows his shit.

i know you wernt bashing him i was just sayin his delayed response is probley cause hes busy right now. you should really play around with crome and look at some begginer faq’s they helped me out alot. i had a p28 that was already chipped i made him a stock rom for his h22 prelude and added a 2step. i also chipped a PM6 and am running turboedit for my DA, i will be making advances as soon as its running (i know its good cause i used it in another car). www.pgmfi.org is a great site and i know there forum is having alot of problems but still great place.

Where did you email me? Is this car from Yuriy because I remember replying to those emails…maybe they were blocked by your ISP or went in your Junk Mail.

Sorry you didnt get a response…

yeah chris, it’s the car from yuriy. ok i wasn’t sure if you were just busy or if you jsut didn’t check mail that often. i also emailed you recently about some tuning equipment i need to get (burn 1, sst chips, and ostrich emulator). if you could let me know the price, i’ll plan on making a trip down when i get the cash. my cousin also wants to know if you still got those rims and that red powder coated valve cover? if you can, email me at xr50kid@yahoo.com this way i’ll get the message. thanx