Sad junkyard find

Everything special was gone seats, gauge cluster, vtec moldings, transmission, spoiler, badge… all gone

The car was badly rear ended to the hatch is damaged

The only thing left is the block

Agreed. A sad sight to see.

damn what a sad find, most people would never know what gem they have in front of the, didn’t buy the block?

buy the car!

damn, if i was there, i’d buy the hood and fenders if they were in great shape and condition!

Sad day for the old owner, happy day for someone who saw it first lol

Does anyone have the hood insulation fs looking for it or know where to get it?

I’m also looking for one in Canada

Hey Tippy can you get the insulation and the button clips off that hood?

I could for the right price. I could grab the block if anyone wants it too ( if its still there )

omg hood insulator.

What would be your price

Wow. Hopefully the parts went to a good home.

I was at a pick-n-pull junkyard today and what a disapointment. (I haven’t been to one in years) Only two Gen 2’s in the whole place and they were picked clean. There were 2 guys working on a sedan and just ripping & destroying at something under what was left of the dash just to get to something they wanted. I walked all over and saw a bunch of 86-90 legend sedans and noticed that the yellow fog light capsules were all gone. All the fog lights on these legends were broken. It seems that whoever pulled the capsules just broke the lenses to get to them. I hate when people destroy parts just to get to what they want. It ruins it for everyone else. :frowning:

Damn I would buy this and restore it. The majority of db2 parts I have in my da lol

It needs to be shipped? Ehhhh i don’t know. Email me at if you’re seriously interested.

The car was fucked pretty bad in the rear

These cars suck dick in accidents so the roof was bent out of shape near the rear left as well.

The only reason i’m glad i don’t drive a da9 anymore is because they are TERRIBLE in accidents lol

That seems to be the case of any honda that area, when all hondas were updated for the 90’s they updated the chassis design and they feel ALOT safer. 90-93 accords, 94+ integras and 92+ civics feel WAY safer than an 86-89 accord, 90-93 integra and 88-91 civic. I own a 90 civic EX right now ( i fucking hate this car ) and that thing feels like hitting a pole would cause the whole car to buckle. Meanwhile i also have a 1994 acura legend GS sedan and i feel like i could hit a tree with that and still be alright.

you said the hatch was fucked but what about the back glass? That could be a cool swap. Cleaner rear end with no third brake light.

Good point, I think the glass was alright

omg :,( who would do such thing??? r.i.p db2

looks like someones loss could be your gain. still a sad sight to see!

I don’t own a g2 Integra anymore to put the glass in if I bought it.