SAFC Memory

Installing my turbo kit and i noticed my SAFC doesn’t have any memory i have to keep resetting it everytime i start the car.

Did you hook up the power for the AFC to the ECU’s power wire?

make sure you hooked up the power and groudn wires right.

The Safc is hooked into be powered by my clock postive and negitive

Connect it to the ECU

Well I guess that’s the problem then, huh? The directions say to wire it to the ECU power wire. The ground is VERY important to get correct (it needs 2). Follow directions…

Yeah see thats the thing mine didn’t come with directions and i figured the clock had to keep memory. I didn’t want to take a wild shot at which was the power to the ecu either just playing safe i guess.

Then how did you know what to connect the other wires to on the ECU?

Yeah you can get all the info off the Apexi site.

I knew what some were from looking up SAFC Install in google and looking at pics of a install on a laser and cheap ass haynes manual to see if i had the sensor that where being descripe in the lnstall on the laser from there just match names with wire colors but i couldn’t find the power source on the statmatics in the haynes guide so i went with the clock.