SEATS THREAD! What seats DO fit our cars and how well!

if you have put other seats in your da or dc besides the stock or aftermarkets made for our car, list what you did put in and on a 1 to 10 scale the level of difficulty/modding you had to do to get them in!

del sol front seats
lightest seats

what did you have to do to put the del sol seats in a da?

im guessing nothing cuz of the 1 difficulty :think:

hten the difficulty should be 0.
direct swap to my DC. so, it be good on a DA

i mean it bolt directly with four bolts

wow…how much wrong info can you give? :roll:

if 92-00 civic and 94+ integra seats aren’t a direct bolt on, meaning only 3 out of 4 bolts will bolt in, what makes you think del sol seats are a direct fit.

of course its a direct swap on a dc. doesn’t mean it will be on a Da.

ooops. maybe, my del sol seats dont have their original rails

acurateggs… are you saying that you have them mounted with all 4 bolts and seat belts. with no problems?
cause i know the eg and dc seats are direct fit but not da. so i’m assuming if you have the delsol seats then you are using either da rails or another kind that mount to the da floor.
if you could findout what rails you are using please let me know. i have a set of delsol seats black leather that i was going to fab up to fit in my crx but decided to go with real racing seats. and i would like to put the sol ones in my girls da.

Lightest seat would actually be in the aftermarket category.

how hard would it be 2 but DC seats in a DA???

I got a Megan driver seat with a Weapon-r bracket. They all fit 99% perfectly.

Question : I am planning on takin my seats ( the front) and how do u get the lap belt out of the sling bracket ??

another one :

I wanna take my whole rear seat out, whats good to cover up seeing inside to the trunk ??

there is a little hook on the side of that you have to undo and the lap belt is detached from the seat. it’s easy if you look at it.

i’m trying to put a sparco sprint in the DA, but i need custom rails. i could buy a prebuilt rail/slider but i think i’m gonna design/weld some myself instead.

once i get the rails made, it’ll be easy. the rails are always the hardest part to a seat install, after that everything is pretty simple. though, you have to figure out a seat belt solution after that, esp if you have the auto-belts.

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ok… well. this thread didnt turn out how i intended. ive searched this topic numerous times and only found what seats DONT fit our car, and most of the ones i read that did, were aftermarket, which is why i only asked 2 things:

the seats that DID fit that WERENT aftermarket, and on a level 1-10 how hard they were. The main purpose of this thread was to find out what seats fit, then look it up. NOT to find aftermarkets, NOT to ask 20 questions about del sol seats or brackets or bolts…jesus someone shoot me. preferably junkman. atleast then it might be somewhat humorous

hey man someone said del sol seats fit and i found they do not so i wanted to know how he made them fit. should i have started a new thread for that?
and i always search

nope that was your (pick one) mom/girl/sister as she was sitting on my lap while I was typing! :ohyeah: