Selsecting a turbo

I was thinking of going with a T3, but I was wondering if there is anyway to use a Mitsu turbo on my B18? Maybe some sort of machined adapter to adapt the 14b turbo to a manifold designed for a t3? My reason for asking is that a local guy has a 14b turbo thats in really good condition, and I can get it realllllly cheap. Any ideas? I dont want to skimp, but at the same time I’m as broke ass high school senior trying to pay for my car, insurance, gf and get good grades & save for college. Please let me know guys, I’mnew to all this turbo stuff and I wanna figure out what to do


Maybe a car I can pull a t3 off of at a junkyard?

dood…it is 100 % possible…I bought a 13b dsm turbo, turbo manifold, wastegate actuator, and o2 sensor housing for 150. I was either going to cut off the ends of the manifold and weld on the tips of our manifold on so it can bolt up, or have a turbo shop make one to bolt up. It can be done, and usually when you piece together a turbo, it comes out cheaper. I’m sure you don’t have 3 grand to buy a kit (just like me) so go for it. The most expensive thing would probably be the turbo manifold if you are getting it custom made.

I was going to put that turbo on my car, but I’m being sponsered. I’m debating whether to turbocharge a 1987 Nissan Stanza Wagon or an old Toyota Celica (g2 Celica). I personally want to do a motor swap on that Stanza, and turbo charge it for rally, but who knows.