Slim Fan Question

Alright, so I installed my slim line fans and now I am overheating. This is because my FMIC (the car wasn’t overheating before I installed it) blocks all the airflow through the front air dam. Upon closer inspection I noticed that only my ac condenser fan turns on (the fan that I hooked up to the wires where the original condenser fan was hooked up to).

Now here is where things get tricky: I wired in the main fan in the location where the original main fan was wired into. I did this by cutting the stock green and then solder the wires together. These are the wires I used:

Like I said the fan doesnt turn on at all, even when the car was overheating. The fan does work b/c I hooked it up to a power source to check. What is this plug?

I don’t know what it is but when i hook my fan into the female connection of the plug, the fan powers on.

So where am I supposed to wire in the main fan? Thanks for reading this guys, and please help me, I want to know the right way to do this before I just start cutting wires…

I just had the same problem and questions yesterday when I wired my slim fan, and wasn’t sure what to do. So I just wired to a power source so it will always be on when the ignition is on. Not the best way to do it, but atleast I know the fan will be on.

Yeah I could do it like that but I want to opt for the “correct” way to do it, any ideas?

I put an adjustable fan switch on my setup. It cost 40.00 dollars from Summit Racing. It has built in relay and radiator probe that turns on the fan at a set temperature. It also has a built in wire you run to the AC clutch so when you compressor turns on the fan does too.

Here it is

That pretty neat but honestly I don’t want to spend any more money and more importantly wait for shipping. Someone has to know which wires I tap into so the main fan turns on. If worst comes to worst I will just wire a switch in i guess.

buy the relay and in the mean time plug fan to ignition… maybe youll be forgetting to turn on the switch once and … pouf!