slow turbo spool

im running a b16a all stock with an xs power turbo kit and am not hitting boost till like 4500 rpms and full boost at 5500 any reason why ? anything i can do to make if spool faster???

Could you tell us what turbocharger you are using? Also state the inlet and outlet trim. It may be possible that the b16 is not big enough to spool the turbocharger where you would like it to.


.57t Compressor Wheel ,.50 A/r Compressor, 63 A/r Turbine

sorry i forgot to post the inlet and outlet 3" INLET DIAMETER 2" OUTLET


check ur ignition and timing

is it tunned??

you can lower vtec to help it spool quicker… I noticed large gains in the mid rang because of this

yeah its all tuned with an apexi vafc2 im rumming ten pounds of boost and the timing is good and so is the ignition maybe i need a smaller turbo?

i would lower your vtec engagement

Check for boost leaks first. Are you running an external wastegate? If so, what psi is the wastegate set at. And do you have a boost controller. A/F and timing plays a huge role in turbo spool up as well. But with the AFC, you can’t do anything but adjsut fuel and witht he AFC you’re running alot more timnig then you think.