So far so Good. I hate to post this but.. I had to show love.


looks damn sexy. Good luck with your goals!

Beautiful job on the welds!!

is it going to be intercooled or are you going to come sraight off the compressor to the tb?

Intercooled. Those welds are beyond professional. Im probably paying more for the welds then the supplies :P!

very nice,
Whats the specs on the rest of your setup?

Wow, just wow, those are beautiful

looks sweet, but just wondering why u chose to mount the turbo there? was it a fitment issue?

^so he can keep his a/c

I didnt choose to anything. I told them what I wanted and they proved to me that they could make a better setup. I didnt want to be like the rest so I tried something different.

I have NO AC and NO PS

lookin good… how’s the rest of the piping look? full exhaust? what fuel management are you running?

Nice Ive loved that style manifold since I saw it on about 3 years ago


I need to buy one, I don’t care how rough it is. But if a copy were made it would make me very happy to buy one.

Copy of what? The manifold? Email me and well talk.