Some specific questions for experienced turbo guys..

Well, I am deep into my turbo project now. Manifold and turbo are in, and I just need to get a 92-93 front cover. I removed my AC, so my 1st question is…I have seen sooo many people complain about radiators and fans with turbo setups. Seems without the condenser and power steering cooler lines I have plenty of room between radiator and FMIC. Can I use the radiator’s trans cooling lines as a substitute for the PS hard lines?? And why does everyone need different radiator?? My stock one with a set of thin pusher fans should be sufficient. Am I missing something??

Downpipe: I have installed my turbo pass side compressor…and I test fit some 2.5" pipe between oil pan and cross member, with a little trimming on the cross member, I seem to have plenty of room for DP. However, the bend that I need from the outlet flange to the downpipe is about 140 degrees, and tight. Much tighter than mandrel bending can do. However, I can get formed tight radius elbows that will allow me to do this. I know some people are against tight radius bends, but I would rather have the smooth, tight radius fittings I can get than the hack jobs that some muffler shops make of downpipes…what do you guys think?? I want it to look good, and I am sure these parts would be good enough.

IM…I have a Skunk2 IM…but I don’t have a bigger TB yet. Is it worth it to install it anyway?? I will need a 94-95 fuel rail if I do it…

Thanks guys…

Two pusher fans should be just fine for you. I don’t understand what you are talking about with the hard lines though.

EDIT: Okay I figured out what you are talking about. I’m not sure if you can do that, it probably won’t work as well, so you could just loop them and not really have a cooler for the power steering fluid I guess. It will probably be okay.

I have my power steering looped back to each other without the cooler. not much to do it either. my freind told me that unless I was doing something like auto-X or anything of that sort not to worry about it. so I’ve been running around here for about 3 months like this and no problems.

and what fans are you getting? just make sure that your getting over 2000CFM flowing to cool the engine

Do you know what CFM the stock fan’s max flow rate is?? I heard it’s only like 800?

Yeah, I originally intended to loop the PS line around near the resevoir, but I thought using the AT tranny cooler lines in the radiator might be a nice touch. I guess I will just go lazy and do like everyone else has.

BTW smoke, I think 2000 CFMs is ALOT for each fan, maybe you mean totally 2000 CFMs?? Because the two stock fans look weak, especially the smallest one. I will try to get some FAL fans in there…

Pic of my project beginnings: