state ref, selling the car to a friend

i got my car impounded for street racing…learned my lesson. my car is on a 30 day hold but waiting for a phone call for an appeal and appointment to get my car out early. i got a speed contest ticket and need to take my car to a state ref. my car can not pass because of my LSV. can i just sell the car to a friend and get away with it and hand it back to me later?

I say ask a ref. Call and ask. Its completely private and they wont ask for your name or anything. Whenever I was calling to get my car ref’d I’d ask the stupidest questions and he answered every one of them completely confidential. I then got my car ref’d by the same guy and he didnt have a clue that it was me.


Your car might be on the crusher list… Kind of hope it is.

dragnet or chp didnt even show up at all. just an officer just telling me to go get my car refed, that’s it and a ticket. he does not know anything about cars or even notice my gsr head. he asked me what mods i have. alll i say was intake and exhaust and thats it and he believed me. what i forgot to tell to him that my intake have a carb number and my exhuast is a greddy exhaust. so everyting is legal except my gsr head. but i’ll guess i give them a call and ask them about it

sell the car to your friend and transfering it back to you later down the road is one way of doing it, but you have to smog the car and make sure its reg and insured for atleast 3 months, when you go to court tell the judge that you no longer have the car, you will have to pay the ticket…

This is why you check your state laws for motor swaps. You live in Cali you should know better than to do LS/V. Also thats what you get for street racing. You got off pretty easy though.


HAHAHA. I hope you lose your car. Your lucky you did not kill your self or others.Be a man and surrender your car. You knew the LSV was illegal but you did it anyways. You knew street racing is illegal but still went out and did it. Grow up and take whats coming to you. :fuckrace:

Ok moral person, let me guess, you’ve never broken the law before? Who gives a fuck if he did a LS/Vtec when he wasn’t suppose to. I guess people shouldn’t be swapping LS1 in FC’s and swap sr20s in 240’s. Yeah, street racing is stupid. Don’t you think he knows the consequences already? Quit telling people how to live their life. If they want to fuck up, then let them…

I agree

so do i ever body makes mistakes lets hope hes done with it

Iv never said iv not broken the law. Iv spent 10 months for doing so. But you never see me posting a thread about it and asking for help. I did my time and got on with my life. And i know im not the only one here thats getting sick of seeing threads about this. Its a waist of time. Im not telling him how to live is life. Its all commonsense. And just to let you know, people come to this site to make friends and look at this site as there second family. He might not have good friend out there that will get on his case like people are doing on here. To me,they are true friends. Yea we might sound like jack ass’s at time’s but it’s for your own good.

he did say hes not going to do it again, you didnt have to go and rub it in anymore.
hes asking a pretty basic question, “can he sell the car and get it back without having to worry about the ticket”

i dont see him ranting about his street racing ticket like “oh my god, i got a street racing ticket, someone help me, what do i do… etc. etc.”

so you fail on saving your self with the above statement^

and to the OP, best way to find out is call, good luck to you. Hope you get to keep your car.


ahaha, i definitely learned my lesson. i’m 99 percent sure that my car is not gonna be crushed because my ticket said i need to take it to a state referral or w/es. they would’ve took the car and crush it. but i’ having doubts about selling it to a friend. my plan is to just swap in the LS motor and sell the car and be done with it.

well, if your going to swap in the LS. why not just keep the car?
it’ll pass inspection after the ls swap, im sure.

unless you need to sell it to pay the ticket off, then i suggest you do that.
but if you plan on keeping the car, then get it inspected then throw in the ls-v back if you want to.

sweet guys, i did the appeal for the 30 day hold and i gonna pick up my car today woot. i guess i’m going to keep the car now since i got it out way too early. more likely i’m will follow irocktheda9 and swap it back once i ref it.

OP. I dont think you should put it back to LSV. Be smart about it man. The cops have you down as a street racer and are going to stop you every chance they get. You got lucky this time so please dont push your luck. I might of was a dick to you but im only trying to look out. Its your life so you can do what you want but think about what you do before doing it.

so you havent learned your lesson then? what if you get pulled over with the lsv again then you will have to do the swap all over again. why not get a motor that you can leagally swap in?

i did learned my lesson but i decided to sell the car and get another DA instead. my DA has no heater and no power windows or anything like that. so i gonna look around for a clean title with power windows and sun roof DA.

its not worth the brain cells ryan.

new generation live & learn. you read it, and you see what they’re planning…

we sit back, and wait for results.