Stock Seat Belts on Aftermarket Seats?

I’m in the process of redoing my interior this summer and I’m needing to do something with my seats. I’ve discovered that it would probably be cheaper to just get racing seats than to get the stock ones recovered. The thing is that I’d like to keep the factory seatbelts. Is there a way to mount them to an aftermarket seat and be somewhat safe? I’m pretty good at machining so I could probably rig up a bracket or something but I was wondering if there is a better way. I know somebody will ask why have racing seats without racing harnesses, well, I really don’t like the idea of having to strap myself in all the time and I don’t think my passengers would either. I’ll probably get harnesses later on but for now I want to keep the stock belts. Thanks in advance for any help/insight.

Just installed my seats yesterday… HTH

I see the shoulderbelts but where are your lap belts?

The Lap belt still on the door side… now just need to find a little plastic to hold the head of the lap belt and attatched to the plastic on the side for easy access… :up:

:bow: awesome job :up:

How did you do that? Was it hard? I’m wanting to do that as well. Thanks.

It’s not hard, just get the brackets for the seat and some screws… :wink:

what seats are those? Recaro?

Well… those are the seats that i got thru ebay… don’t have enough money for the brand name seats… :sad:

Anyway… here is a little update for the lap belt.

How do they feel, when driving and cornering? Do they stock seat belts hold you good? Nice job on the bracket, to hold lap belt, might do that to the wife’s teg since some @ss broke the tabs off.

IMO those seats are not bad, cover me pretty good when driving and cornering… since my stock leather seat is broke, so my butt feel alot better with the new seat… :crazy:

Besides, the seat belt just hold me like in the stock seat…

Nice job on the seats man, thanks for the pictures. I guess now I just need to get some money to buy my seats!

Got pics of the underside of the seats? Did you use the regular rails?

I don’t have a pic of that. However, I do have a pic that what the auto seat belt hold on the bracket.

And the seat came with the universal rails…


Here you go… :smiley:

take note, i had stock seatbelts on my tenzos for a couple weeks while i was waiting for the JDM conversion to come in. Every once in a while, they choked me and got stock when the track was moving. I reccomend getting some JDMs or harnesses.

So let me get this straight…those seats came with universal rails…ok. So are you using the stock seat base/bracket? Or do you have aftermarket brackets with the auto seatbelts mounted onto them?

This is the aftermarket bracket for g2… and it had the place for you to hold the automatic seatbelt…

Ok thats what i thought…is it the Corbeau or the Sparco maybe? I’m trying to see which combo of brackets/sliders keeps the seating position (height) nearest to stock.