Stock sleeves

At what psi would I be pushing the integrity of the stock honda sleeve limits? Like I imagine they wouldn’t be able to support anything over 15psi, i’m thinking even less. If compression factors in let me know. Hypothetically speaking (this is not what I’m gonna run, but am using it purely as an example) …If I was running a B16A with JE 9.1:1 pistons and eagle rods without resleeving…how much psi could those stock sleeves handle? Thanks, LocalePED


I hit 24 lbs on stock sleeves… dont do it too much though, cus then boom!
( i have another block on the way with sleeves )

4drB16: what sleeves did you use? And what other brand were you considering? I am wondering because I am close to choosing between GEM/Darton/Benson’s.

the sleeves i have, and dynoed on were STOCK.
I am getting a Benson sleved block now, and hopefully will have it in for next season in 03…