stock sleeves?

dont know what the heck happened to my other thread but here goes #2.

I know some d-series(d16z6 and d16y8) and and
on stock sleeves with eagle rods and vitara cast pistons are making 400+ hp…

can the b18a and b18b sleeves hold boost like this?
onw guy on there has over 75,000 miles on a stock block 400hp d16…

if you did the same build(forges pistons and rods with arp rod bolts and head studs) can the non-vtec DOHC B-series motors do this also is my question with stock sleeves remember…

d-series bore i think is 75mm
b-series bor i think is 82mm

so what about a good block guard? ( like golden eagle)

thanks for the insight…
trying to get back in the b-series game.

Maybe your first thread was deleted due to the redundant question your asking… this has been covered before. use that search button up top. stock sleeved, no sleeves stock pistons it doesn’t matter much if you have a shitty tune. it all comes down to tuning. that’s the answer you will see all over this site. can it be done? yes, but please quit wasting bandwidth and use the search feature above. :search: :search:

yes they can handle that power no problem…beyond that tho you might want to start thinking of getting the block sleeved however.

i know its all in the tuning process…
but i just wanted to know if the stock sleeves would handle that much and for how long?

I’ve been running forged pistons/rods with stock sleeves since last april with 17psi of boost since july and i’ve had no issues so far. I’ve been wailing on it daily so don’t think I treat it differently because of the stock sleeves. As everyone else has said though a good tune is a must, I worked for months on the tune, slowly upping the boost until I hit 17psi. I’ll report back if I ever crack a sleeve or have any problems down the road, but you really don’t see that much when people have good tunes.

codrum- what power are you making?

what is your set up (engine/turbo)? what program did you use? who tuned it? it sounds interesting

This is my current setup engine and boost wise:

SRP 9:1 Pistons
Eagle Rods
Matched OEM bearings
Bored over .020", honed, decked block and head
Cometic headgasket
ARP headstuds
New waterpump, timing belt, tensioner.
NGK bkr7e’s
Double wide Civic radiator
Stage 4 competition clutch.
Precision 680cc injectors

Garrett t3/t4 .63/.60 54trim wheel
RCAutoworks log mani
Tial 38mm wastegate
Yonaka 9" front-mount
Forge Blow-off valve
Motorola 2.5 bar MAP
2.5" charge piping
4-ply silicone couplers with T-bolt clamps all around

PLX M300 wideband
Freelog for datalogging, Crome for tuning
P28 ECU /w atmel 29c256 EEPROM, burning with moates burn1

I’ve done all the tuning so far and plan to keep it that way as i’m still working on it. I don’t have numbers yet but once i’m happy with the tune i’ll be heading over to a shop in colorado springs.

which b-series engine has a stock bore of 82mm?

i thought the b1 or c1

all b18’s are 81mm bore

as are the b16’s and b17’s.