Sucking air sound

hello i was driving my integra the other day and as i was driving(hard) Suddenly i lost what seemed to be all my horsepower and a very loud sucking air sound came from the engine. The car doesn’t seem to want to gain speed anymore. Only information about possible problems is a valve (unknown name) that usually needs to be swapped out to an aluminum one…other than that i’m lost. Can anyone help me out? any questions i can answer to make this make sence?

Thanks any comments would be appreciated

The turbo in the car is from an AWD 5 speed Talon

i would go through and check all of your fittings because its very possible while you were under boost that one of the pipes slipped out of the fittings

Definitely sounds like a charge pipe blew off.

most definately the charge pipe, dont hold me to it religiously but like they said check all your fittings, my friends teg in winchester, his pipe from the intercooler the the throttle body, keeps popping out of the fitting. well it did, he bought new o-ring clamps, for ALL his fittings and now its fine. when it would pop out, it would only happen at wide open throttle and when it did the car would jerk a little lose almost ALL power, as if it was just runnin on an intake.

Either that or maybe you blew the intake manifold gasket…?

Is it possible that it was just the lower gasket on the manifold leading to the turbo. When the setup was made it was stupidly made to be put together with like no way of taking it apart. In a picture you will see a an open bolt hole on the left and there’s on on the opposit side in the back that i can’t get ANYTHING to fit in due the the pipes being bent over them. Can anyone think of a way to seal this safely without buying a new manifold?

Integrabolts 001.jpg

Integrabolts 002.jpg

When it was made there was no gasket there at all…somehow it worked for a long time then just didn’t…So when i went to change it we had to Cut the bolts out completely, seperate the gap and twist the remaining section with pliers. i got the thickest gasket i could find. and put it in and put the 2 bolts i could in as tight as i wanted. AS soon as i heard the sucking sound that gasket blew but it just didn’t seem like a sound that would come from a blown gasket…

you NEED 4 bolts on your inlet flange. turbo’s don’t like exhaust leaks between the head and the turbo. Any leaks between those two points will cause increased lag and less power. to get bolts in the remaining holes put studs in the turbine housing. that picture looks just like the first teg I turbocharged. same manifold and a 16g turbo.

if you have the both the turbo and the flange machined you should need a gasket in the and yes you need 4 bolts there. 2 will not do the job and i can tell you from experience exhaust leaks suck.

Ohh i know they suck i was thinking about studs but that doesn’t work for the rear stud…because the clearence is only about 1/2 an inch till it would hit the pipe…and the bolts don’t go all the way through so i can’t go from underneath…i think i’m just gonna pull it all out and get it welded…anyone see a reason that’s not a good idea?

then you wasted a good manifold. when the turbo goes the manifold is useless. put the studs in the turbo, then use nuts on the top. the one thats tight get a bolt grinded down slightly so it fits. don’t go the cheap/ghetto way and weld the turbo to the manifold. :up:

Ok so i won’t weld. I’m gonna put a bolt in from the underside on the rear left hole…But for the front how much would i lose by bending in the manifold at the bend there for the front right bolt about 1/2 an inch so i can slide a bolt in there?

with 6lbs the gasket i put in was completely blown out due to the lack of bolts…i guess i really do need a perfect seal