Supercharger or Turbo

Hey Guys, I have a 92 automatic teg. I would like to get a little more power out of it w/out changing the tranny. I know that the auto’s dont rev high enough to take full advantage of a turbo, and that the auto’s can’t handle a whole lot of power, so i was thinking of going with a super charger , so that way i wouldn’t need to rev as high, and i would have power through the entire RPM band. WHat do ya’ll think? :hmm:

this has been cover numerous times before plz search

and a supercharger wont fit our cars unless it is centerifugal(sp) like the Jackson racing for example wont fit without major modification

As already stated this has been gone over numerous times ans searchnig would be a good start.

I’ll add though you could go with a smallish turbo that will spool quick, something like a T25 or a small T3 would prolly be doable. Your tranny prolly still wont last long though if beat on your car like I do. :slight_smile:


i know you said you didnt want to change the tranny but you would be better off in the end if you did.