superscarged DA?

does any one kno if any one has done a cintrificul supercharger in a DA ex: pro charger or vortex? wanted to try sumthin differnt than a turbo or that damned JR. Somebody let me know

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Does anyone know if any one has successfully put a centrifugal supercharger into a DA?

For example: pro charger or vortex? Wanted to try sumthing different than a turbo or that damned JR. Somebody let me know, please.

Thank you for your time in advance.
There’s one supercharger Teg that I am aware of. Look in the videos section. Sounds like it is going to blow up any second and doesn’t noticeably justify the effort in terms of gained performance. I’m sure it is noticeable at the pump though.

tegboi has one on his DA

^ Not anymore. It was for a B18c and required quite a bit of custom work.

look here

and here

Good looks smoke thas just about what i was looking for.

Thats one sexy b17

8psi on a vortech supercharger is good top end… but low end on a b16 blows… hahaha

my blower is for a b16a/b18c

i just miss full boost at low rpms… :frowning: