Switching parts from B18B to B18A

I just picked up a good, used B18B from a 97 or earlier Integra LS, and I was wondering if I could get a few small questions answered if possible.

First, I know that the 18B is from an OBD-1 or OBD-2 car, and my 90 Integra had in it a B18A, all OBD-0.

So which sensors and parts to I need to take off my old B18A and stick on the B18B?

Also, on the back of the block on the 18A, there is what looks like a coolant temp sensor, judging from the whit-ish dust on it. But on the back of the B18B, there isn’t the area to thread it in.

What should I do with that? Perhaps get a fitting to stick it one of my radiator hoses?

I already switched over the intake manifolds, just wondering what else I will need to swap over from my blown B18A, to the B18B.

Thanks for the help. :wink:

i think your talking about the coolant switch. on obd1 engines its located on the thermostat housing.

I’m not trying to convert to OBD-1, I’m trying to convert the engine to OBD-0.

Basically I need this figured out. /

[QUOTE=therealkroysc;1909965][SIZE=“4”]B18B Swap Guide[/SIZE]
This is the part that may get confusing.
There are 3 sensors on the back of the block of the B18A. Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and a coolant fan sensor.
The B18B has one oil sensor installed, the other oil sensor is plugged off with a 32 mm plug, and no coolant fan switch. You need to remove the plug. Where the plug is on the B18A there is an oil sensor with a threaded adapter, you need to re-use that adapter so the sensor can fit. Ok so the 2 oil sensors are hooked up then you can deal with the coolant fan switch. This is where you need the thermostat cover from the B18B, it is identical except for the fact that there is a threaded bung with a radiator fan switch installed. You need to cut your original harness and extend the wire about 8 inches to reach. The coolant sensors are not similar and the original connector will not fit. I wired in the connector from the B18B harness to give it a clean look.[/QUOTE]

What do I do about this, since on the B18A block, there isnt any place to thread that 3rd sensor in. It was about a 1 1/16th wrench to get it loose, and has 2 round pin connectors ( I think).

Please do not give out wrong info, he does not need to do this to run that motor in his car.

For that switch just extend your current wires from the back of the block to the new switch on the thermostat housing.

i read it wrong and boosted90_teg pointed it out. no need to repeat. any way if you dont feel like extending any wires, just keep your thermostat housing and take the sensor from your obd0 block and put it on your obd1 block.

I will get a picture for you to look at today, so you know exactly what I mean.

2 of the 3 on the back switch over, but where the 3rd one went on the old block, the newer one is just metal, no where to thread it in at all.

The username came from my first teg that already came with a small kit, but it went south, so I’m just doing a basically stock engine for now.

I see now where I have to extend the wires to, which is what I will do.

Got more parts swapped out though, so it’s slowly getting there. The alternator that’s been sitting for about 5 years is still good, haha.

Also, are there spacers that go in between the fuel rail and the intake manifold? Like around the 3 studs there.

yes there are spacers. here’s the diagram.

That’s awesome, thank you so much. =)

And since the B18B doesn’t have the black box on the back of the block, what do I do with that?

It should have the Black box in the back of the block, if you don’t make sure you don’t have that hole just letting dust and debri into your crankcase.

Both engines have the hole, the difference is that on the B18B, the hole is closed off at the bottom, rather than opening into the engine block, like on the B18A. So would I just plug the outlet on the intake manifold?

you’ll have to install the black box to vent the crankcase if your sticking with your original intake manifold and head. however if you have the b18b head+block then yes just block off that port, your pcv hooks up in the front.

Yea, it’s the B18B head and block, but the original intake manifold. So as you said, just close off the port on my old intake manifold and be done with it?

And you said it hooks up in front, do I need to re-route anything?

just make sure your pcv valve is hooked up to the intake manifold since its on the valve cover now and you dont have the b18b intake manifold. you can plug it in the original port and you wont need to close off anything.

Ok, well this pictured, is where the PCV Valve is located on the B18B valve cover.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have a B18B valve cover, so do I need to go get one? Or is there another way around this?

Anyone located in either Washington, Oregon, or Idaho that have one of these lying around that I could buy off ya?

it would definitely be easier to find yourself a new valve cover.

Alright, will do then.

Also, in another thread I read;

[QUOTE=b16da9;1996515]The map sensor on the engine you friend is giving you is on the throttle body while your current engine has it mounted on the firewall with a vacuum hose connected to the intake manifold. You can do one of two things either extend the wires from the sensor on the firewall and run of the one on the throttle body or leave that on unconnected and run the motor of the one on the firewall. Which ever you choose will work.

So can I just stick back on the B18B intake manifold and throttle body and extend the wires? Because I was wondering what that little mechanism attached to the stock throttle body is.

so you do have the b18b intake manifold? definitely put that one on. it also looks nicer and flows better.

Now on the old manifold there is this, what replaces that on the B18B Mani?

Is it this? Because I don’t think there is wiring for this.

On the B18B Mani, this isn’t there, is that a problem?

Since there are more vacuum ports on the orig. mani, where to the parts in the second picture below go?

Second Pic / / /

And the wires from the MAP sensor in the picture above, those just get extended to the MAP sensor on the B18B throttle body.

Would this all just work out easier if I got a OBD-0 to OBD-1 Wiring harness and injectors? And if I do, do I stick back on the original sensors that the B18B(OBD-1 or 2) came with?

Anyone? I’ve tried searching more, either I’m not that good at it, or the results are either just words and no pics, or not what I was looking for.