Taillight gasket replacement heads up

Guys, Romanz and I found a good replacement gasket. It’s $5 for a roll and it’s more than enough to do 2 sets of lights. It works great. It’s a 3M brand and it’s called Foam weatherstripping or something like that. We got it at Discount Auto Parts.

It works just fine. No leaks. And hell it’s WAY cheaper. I don’t have the wrapper but I do have some remaining foam. Here’s a pic.



if only i had that schtuff a week ago. i couldnt find foam anywhere - craft stores, home depot, lowes, wal-mart…so i got some silicone sealant and “fixed” so to say, the old gasket. no water yet, but i wonder if that silicone crap is gonna come off when it come time to fix them the right way.

i filled mine in with silicone about 4 months ago, no problems yet.

How is that foam holding up? I saw that a while back, but wasn’t sure if it would work good. I noticed that when I took my brothers tailights off, the gasket was like stuck to the part of the trunk behind it. Almost as if it had some kinda glue, wonder if I should put silicone back there.

wait, wait…so not having a gasket (or a dead gasket) could cause the light to fog up?!


Can we see more pics or did you already install them? Wanted to see how you put the weatherstripping around other parts of the tailight.

Is the consistency of that foam stuff equal to that of a sponge… because basically the stock one is there to absorb the water and re-route it to fall to the bottom of the gasket…


I don’t see the point in posting more pix. That’s everything there :stuck_out_tongue:

The consistency is that of FOAM. Sponges have bigger “air holes” than this does. Or actually, it could be a sponge, but it would be the synthetic sponges.

Hey Neil, how are those holding up?


The bad thing is that I have a couple of stripped studs on my passenger taillight, so due to the fact there aren’t any nuts holding this part of the light down, I do get water in. But on my driver one, it’s fine.

is there anywhere on the net where i can get this weatherstrip

just got some at ACE hardware

it was 2.99 for a 10ft roll

called Poly Foam Weatherstrip

they did have one called Rubber Foam
but it was hella thin

thanks neil

Just go to Wal-Mart where all the window shit is. They have 2 different thicknesses(1/4in & 1/2in). Don’t know if the 1/2in would be better or worse.

thanks Neil :up:

my tails have been fogging every day:(

I read the post like 10 times but I didn’t see what thickness everyone bought (If i’m blind, apologies). From Oki_boy’s post I’m guessing 1/4 but Neil, what size is the kind you got?

I’m gonna do this tonight hopefully…

TIA :up:

Nah 1/4 seems to small… it’s probably 1/2.

Factory Oem Gaskets

Hey ya’ll if you wanna not use glue and get the oem replacement gaskets I found a site that sells oem gaskets for $18.14 a piece the site is www.acuraparts247.com

Thats what I paid for them from the Dealer here in Tucson…havent installed them yet…Only get rain every other decade here!

Still wish I woulda seen this sooner…3$ is better than 36+

are the gaskets for the 90-91 tailights the same as for the 92-93 tails?