The ghetto way to make black housing one piece headlights...

Just dip the whole set in a big bucket of black paint and voilà… ok maybe not… please do not try that and read the rest of the post…

I have a white teg so I’ve always wanted to do the jdm itr headlights conversion because I think they look sick. Since it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg (or all 4 of them) to do that I just decided to make my own. I took some photos while doing it so you can all see how it’s done. My real inspiration and idea came from the JDM Prelude one piece headlights (black housing).
This job was not really hard to do but simply boring and relatively long. I have no patience at all when it comes to painting so I found it very long.
Ok here it is…

First I would like to thank Oscar (THE OZ) for helping me to remove lens from the assembly and by helping I mean doing most of the job. He definitely has more patience than I do and I didn’t want to run the risk of cracking them.

Then I’d like to thank my fans for buying my records and my
manger and mom and dad… ok ok I’ll stop… I’ve always wanted to say that :smiley:

And here are some photos. There isn’t much say. I guess the photos speak for them selves.

Some of you might not think that it looks good and that’s cool. I’m really happy with the results and I like the way it looks on the car. I don’t think it will look that good on dark coloured cars but on white or yellow… yummy
I installed them last night so I still don’t have any photos of them on the car but I will soon.

I couldn’t post all of the photos because of the limit so hers’s the like to the album if you wanna see full size photos…

painting the inner side of the lens… these parts go under the hood or over the bumper but painting them really makes a difference. Just look at the Prelude one pieces.
Lots of masking tape…

now painting the housing… you don’t wanna paint the whole thing cause then there would be nothing to reflect the light from the bulbs and… well lets just way that’d be dumb…

tip: go easy when taking off the masking tape, you might take off some of the chrome reflector with it. I learned that the hard way :frowning:


oh and I also got rid of the ugly nipples. Looks SO MUCH better now.

I painted over the stock “chrome paint” I didn’t like the way it looked.
Here’s how it looks now… it’s a bit too big for my taste but I’m pretty happy with it and I’m not gonna redo it.

Comments are welcome.

Thanks for reading :bow:

Looks sweet, I will send mine back to you, and u can do this for me, and I would like them shipped back to me UPS next day air, thanks man:ok:

:whoa: :drool: :up: :whoa: :drool: :up: that looks so nice i think i just might have to get some 1pieces just so i can do that. I have a black car and that would look sooo tight daaaayuuumm

Oh i just got an idea, you should do the same thing to some all clear tails, but paint the bottom 1/2 red and the insides (minus the reflectors) black. I bet that would look pretty nice too.

Any shots of them actually on your car? Thats what I would really like to see :smiley:

Originally posted by 92TegLS
Any shots of them actually on your car? Thats what I would really like to see :smiley:
:werd: that looks hella sweet when u gettin some one pieces to sell man!?

Your welcome, bro! It was a pleasure helping out a G2ICer! Can’t wait to see those on your ride.




lookin sweet Babak…so is this why it took so long to answer my e-mail!! haha just jokin man.

Can’t wait to see the pics of them on your car

Those are sick as hell!!! How do those look on your car? I have a horizon grey teg, and I think those would look sweet!!! Show a pic of those on your car, then I can photoshop how they’d look on mine!


Thanks for the compliments guys.
Since you’re all asking for pix I went out and took some photos. There’re a bit dark but that’s all I’ve got. But for some strage reason imagestation won’t let me upload any photos. Can someone host them for me or tell me where I can host them?

That’s some good work! Let us know if you see any difference with regard to the lighting up the road. :cool:

Congrats on being original! I applaud you even trying! I personally cannot WAIT for them pictures!

Anybody got a pic of Prelude one-pieces?

My company works with acrylic for museum displays, I wonder I can buy one of the guys a nice bottle of tequila to make me some all clear lenses…

ok it’s working now…
here are the photos. The camera’s flash was pretty much all the lighting I had so don’t complain :stuck_out_tongue:

I whish I could get rid of the gap between the fender and the bumper…

The full size photos are in the same album…


hehe thanks…

Jazz, this is all I’ve got:

Originally posted by N FUL FX
That’s some good work! Let us know if you see any difference with regard to the lighting up the road. :cool:

I just test drove it and the lighting was excellent.

Looks great!
How did you remove the nipples from the foglight?

some company needs to make some integra headlights without all those lines to break up the light on the cover…wait…since the JDM ones are plastic, couldn’t someone sand the cover down and polish it up or has it already been done? I cant do this mod cuz i would probably ruin my headlights so I’ll leave it to the pros. maybe one of you guys has an answer for me?