**The official DB1 thread! pictures, advice, tips, etc..! (4dr's part 4!)**

**NOTE: This thread is supposed to be the ‘part 3’ in the ‘let’s see some 4dr’s’ series. My apologies.!


It’s time we started a new thread concerning all db1’s! Instead of just pictures, this thread is all about the db1’s. Tips, pictures, anything and everything about the db1’s.

As long as it’s about db1’s, it belongs in here. :slight_smile:

A fresh shot of my car today. :slight_smile:

Heres a tip, buy a sedan! The best looking Integra ever!

wow that looks so nice

you’re making me want a DB with that setup!

that’s freakin’ cllleaaannnnn! i love it!

bogey883: that’s how i converted. :slight_smile: I used to have a da and the more pics of db1’s i looked at, the more i wanted it. finally put the foot down and picked up my db1 and sold the da… :slight_smile:

lol i love how you said that and threw 2 more pics at me. you’re really selling me on the idea of getting a db.

that is sexy man, got damn

damn mdt115 your car looks clean, im loving the freshly painted rims, damn, i need to get rear mud flaps…

anyone know where to get some thin sidemoldings for the db1?

I remember somebody referred darkDB1 to someone who has access to the thin mouldings, and all kinds of crazy jdm stuff. But instead of just buying the mouldings, he also added more stuff (shipping would be cheaper)…

Until i make sure this car is fully maintained (all kinds of crap on this car needs to be replaced) then i will step up to the plate… hehehe

more pics of my car yesterday…

LOL…U beat me to it…

I was just about to make up a nice thread haveing all to do with DB1z…Any topics that has to do with DB1z are more than welcome…Thanks…

Your DB1 is looking better every day man…Keep up the great work… :smiley:

Here is my contribution to your PAGE…

This will be the longest thread ever about DB1z… :nana:

DB1s suck boooo :whip:

i hate both of u’z…ur cars are soo clean

Thanks…LOL She is getting there. Slowly but surely…

Lets put more pics of the same two cars and call it a page! You guys have nice cars but weve seen enough or them alredy on here! Redline get rid of your wheels, ROTAS got played out years ago, you need some tite JDM Sprint Hearts or…

^^^^ jdm4drda7:

You’re more than welcome to post your usdm4drdb1 :giggle:

M4DD JDM y0!!!11110ne!!11

yeah im kinda sick of seeing that car too… :vomit:

So much to do to it…

yea its true, but damn u guys are some haters, i dont see you guys putting pics of your cars up there…or neone else as a matter of fact

aww c’mon fellas… no need to hate. we both love our cars so much, which is why we whore them ehheeh

slowteg: nice ride dude. what size are those wheels? I wish mine were bigger… :frowning: and what sides are you sporting?