thedb63's da build thread

i will try again?

well i guess i should start with the way i had the car before…
last year i had a b16a2 that i ended putting in

i ended up putting in nitrous

picture of the engine bay complete

ended up trading my track r’s for some slips

got rid of the whole b16 set up ripped the b16 head off and put it on a b18c block with pr3 pistons in it “poormans type r” also had gsr cams in… that lasted a day i spun a bearing due to a piece of plastic or paper getting caught up in the sump (engine just got sent to the machine shop yesterday)
i ended up selling the nitrous and bought a b18b1 engine and also bought a turbo kit…here are some pics of it installed “mesy”

i like this pic of the intercooler and the vis cf hood

so car was pretty much ok for now until i was at a friends house and had the girlfriend go warm up the car…she ended up turning the key while the car was in gear and the whole car turned over and ran in the hitch of a dodge ram… (yeah my car used to be a automatic and didnt have the clutch safety switch) and she didnt know that at the time…any ways, my tranny didnt sound so great after that and my hood and radiator support was crumbled up… i wish i would of took pics… but i have none of the hood, but here is one of the support

on a new note im wire tucking my engine bay relocating my battery trying to get a 88-91 civic/crx nonpower steering rack and seeing what else i can do… here are some pics of what i got going on so far this was the past two days

fenders are off

thats about it for now i will keep updateing as i go along

looks good bud sound kinda like how mine went but i hit a deer instead.

loving it all thow keep it up

i am slowly dont mine and when i mean slow really slow

keep us all updated:rockon:

i worked a couple more hours today and got rid off the pedal assembly because the wires were behind it…got rid of the booster, prop valve dash board, and sucked all the wires into the cab of the car… here is some pictures i took today

just got taking the subframe, traction bar, and suspension out… here is a pic

i made a battery box from some aluminum scrap

manual steering rack got the whole subframe for $35 GO ME!!!

yay omni power coilover sleeves (same as skunk2)

started welding in holes of the engine bay

heres the passenger side

i am so sick of using a grinder!!!

thank you for the core support doner car

this is just a pic of it bolted at the the top to my car

another pic

im going to wire brush the crap out of it to get rid of the little bit of rust on it

the second from the bottom loom (its purple teal and black )" twilight is what they call it" is what im making my harness out of i just orded that loom and heat shrink wrap today

before dirty injectors

polished fuel rail i forgot a before pic sorry

final product for now

dude props for making your own with conections:rockon:

looking good keep it up!!!

thanks i got some of the loom in yesterday from ups but not all of it was there…i was like:)

hay no problem this web site has helped me a lot!!!

what are you doing with the downer car???

[QUOTE=WegaIntegra;2132528]hay no problem this web site has helped me a lot!!!

what are you doing with the downer car???[/QUOTE]

its for sure a downer car!!! i know what you meant,but it does bring me down everytime i see it… its so rusty the floor rotted out, im taking the tranny out and swapping b16 gears into it and the engine is for sale i have a for sale thread somewhere around here…
here is a pic of the loom i just got

Lovin the loom


Lovin the wire loom!:rockon:

the gf picked it out and i was all about it

wt website did you get it from if you dont mind me asking

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umm where did my pictures go?

Neil got rid of the [IMG] code on the forums