Thinkin about the old days..

Maggie, Amy, all the socal guys, Sac crew, Crazy bitches that came into and out of our lives, driving 400 miles one way for a one day meet and driving back the next day to work, motor swaps, clutches, suspension swaps… geez, guess weve all grown up now.

Anyone know what Leeo is up to these days?

no better club in the world than G2IC!

oh yeah, and you over there on the other side.

does anyone remember steve from the northeast? that kid was crazy.
wheres macon these days? her facebook is no longer.

OctemberFest 2003 was almost 10 years ago. Thats just crazy.

Someone’s Facebook stalking… :wink:

I still need to meet you CA guys. I was there a few months ago but you guys were at someone’s wedding.

actually i was looking at old posts on here sucka! when were you in ca and where?

and youre in MD? wtf?

and he still hasn’t stopped by to see the ferrets. jerk.

as for macon, i’m betting she’s out somewhere being incredibly full of herself. maybe at a strip club?

Ferret hasn’t stayed in the country long enough for me to hook up with him.


btw, bbq @ mission when i get home. be ready. :smiley:

where u at mark

I always had fun at meets. Except for the flat tire and bent rim in Ft. lauderdale and the blowout on the way to one of the Orlando meets. Good people, terrible food, nice cars and great conversation.

afghanistan. with EOD this time. :up:

Someone has to be there to make sure their Coms back in the wire work so they can check their emails.


i love how the coffee shop kingpin chimes in attempting barbed comments that only serve to show his true ignorance. do continue…it’s entertaining.


Dussy I think you should hold another one this year. 10 year reunion. Can’t guarantee you won’t get antiqued this time.

i love how the coffee shop kingpin chimes in attempting barbed comments that only serve to show his true ignorance. do continue…it’s entertaining.[/QUOTE]

Lifes good, but the money is better. LOL. But I do have to say you do mention alot of being at various places doing such amazing things, but never any pics or videos of anything legitamate. Tons of guys post action vids, but never you. Makes me go:think:. Kinda of hard to believe since you are a picture poster on here of everything in your personal life. Not even one outside the wire picture. Impressive to say the least.

Actually I’ve posted a few OTW photos…although lots of photos and videos are poor OPSEC. Then again, knowing your track record when you were in, you wouldn’t know much about that. :giggle:

Not to mention your immense history of deployments…oh wait, that’s right, you never set foot inside either combat zone country, just like the rest of the chickenshits. :up:

maybe if you’d been able to make rank beyond E-4 you’d feel differently. :rofl:

damn your party was 10 years ago. crazy. i remember that shit…

Poor Opsec. New that one was coming. LOL. You seem to know the track record I had. Well you are a rank off and a few locations off too. And what chickenshits are you refering too? The airforce that you signed into? There is alot of Af guys that have been to both countries and quite a few more that you more than likely didnt even know where there. The range most people get to go when attached to a unit that needs to go for actual training. The 50cal you were shooting is not intended for the unit you are attached to as a human killing weapon at least in its 99% of use. They use it to destroy ordinances or IEDS from a distances. None of your pics are OTW. If we go with the army we get multicam no different than you going with EOD, which is part of my squadron. They actually need it, you get to look cool in I guess. All your pics are ITW and those you would be correct on in stating they compromise OPsec, but most OTW do not.