Tilt Sunroof

Is it possible to convert a stock sunroof so that it can tilt up as well as fully open like in some civics and accords? If so, how hard and expensive would this be?

i’ve thought of that. i suppose you would have to swap in a similar-sized one from honda and re-wire it. if someone were to do it for you, expect it to cost a pretty penny.

just enjoy your stock sunroof. at least it stays cleaner ? lol

didn’t first generation tegs have sunroofs that opened/tilted up and out??? that’s probably a pretty close swap for fitment/wiring…etc.

just a thought.

a bit late, but oh well

having your sun roof tilt out onto the top ( i belive it is actually called a moon roof then ) is not only a bad idea because it will most likely be expensive, but also a bad idea beacause over 160 mph, it will tear off and fly away.

one of my friends who used to race in Puerto Rico did that with his CRX, and he wasnt thinking about it when he was racing one of his friends on the freeway. he said it flew off a few miles after he hit 160.

so I would suggest not doing this if you do intend to go faster than 160

160? shit, i dont think i have ever had any of my cars go over 120. 160 is just stupid :uhoh:

yeah… im not sure too many people are capable/willing to go 160 in their tegs. But it’d be nice if our cars could.

I would go 160 if I could. I took a new maxima (rental car) up to 135. Speedo said 160 so I thought I would see what it could do. I was disappointed to say the least.

i think theres a member in here that did the swap, he uses the sunroof from a DC teg…i think

OK guys. I did this to my G2 Legend. I removed the stops from the track, and now my roof tilts up about 3". It is quite a common G2 Legend “mod”. However, I could see no way to do this to my G2 Teg…bummer. My Legend looks so much sexier with the tilt mod, I would love to do that to my Teg, but the sunroof mechanism is completely different.

well, I just noticed my '99 accord does this by itself… the sunroof slides back under the roof, just like ours, but has a button to tilt it up. I dont know the dimensions compared to the teg (I would check but my mom went to DC in it), but i think you could check it out…

tonite i acually saw a 4-door g2 with the sunroof tilted up as described, it was hot. i left him a g2ic flyer so maybe he’ll join :cross: .

erinashley has an aftermarket sunroof that tilts and slides

so has anyone put one of these aftermarket tilt sunroofs in there car before??:shrug:

I wonder the same. I have a crack in the inner pane of my sunroof, and I would like to replace it. If I could get a tilt, that would be cool.

And on the other topic, I pushed 140 in my i35t with the sunroof tilted before, and i didn’t notice anything. I can see how the drag down could tear it off though… Anyone know what our tegs are resticted to in the US?

nick and his 90 gs

im really curious to what it would look like?? anybody have any pics?

i guess this will remain as a mystery??:roll:

i say we team up and figure out this mystery.

where do we begin . .:sipread:

Beats me.

about the sunroof-tearing-off-thing, some just tilt up (like my i30t) and some tilt up and move back at the same time, wich look much cooler but would probably be more suspect to coming off at high speeds. i hual ass in my infiniti with the sunroof tilted and never had a problem. ive never gone 160 though. as for a g2 with tilt, i would love to see someone do it.