Tips for removing stuck crank pulley bolt?

First off, the motor is NOT in the car.

Trying to do my timing belt, pulley bolt won’t come off. Im using a snap on electric impact on it, I’ve never come across a bolt it wouldn’t remove until this one.

Tried putting a breaker bar on it and another on the flywheel bolts, it just loosens my flywheel.

So any suggestions?

did you try liquid wrench?

well its dangerous but you could try and crank the motor with the breaker bar on the bolt and the car on the ground but you might risk bar breakage…

Liquid wrench? Not familiar with it. Is it like pb blaster or something?

The motor is on a tire in my garage, so no cranking.

hey patch i know its off topic but did you get my email regarding a steering wheel hub combo? oh and liquid wrench is like pb blaster its actually really good stuff autozone sells it. since your motors out head to a shop have them use an impact gun (air) on it gl though!:rockon:

I’m not gonna load up the motor, mainly b/c I don’t have a car to drive. The motor belongs to my daily.

I didn’t get an email from you though, text me 505-450-6009

find someone who has the Morosso crank tool and a breaker bar.
The Morosso tool locks the crank by wedging on the subframe. You should definatly hit the bolt with some type of penitrating oil and wait an hour or two before trying to loosen.

I’ve been PB-blasting and WD-40ing the bolt since 10 this morning.

Can’t put anything on the subframe, the motor is not in the car, and I don’t know anyone with tools, or an integra or civic or whatever, I just moved here.

I’m gonna put a chain wrench on it and when my girlfriend comes home I’ll have her pull on the bolt while I stand on the chain wrench lol.

a chain wrench will damage the pulley. what you need is the tool to hold the pulley.

I just did the timing belt on my new GS-R.

That tool pictured above is the only good way to hold the crank in place. You put a breaker bar on it and wedge it up against something. I’m not sure what you would use if you have the engine in a stand, but you’ll figure something out. My first integra took over 1200 ft.-lbs to free the bolt. I can’t afford an impact wrench that nice. Here is what I use.

I only recently got the tool above, I called like 6 different auto parts stores asking about this tool and only Napa had one in their catalog (or at least they were the only ones that looked). The one I got is apparently made by KD Tools: it says “Honda Acura Crankshaft Holding Tool” on the package.

Now that the pulley can be held in place, you need leverage to actually break the bolt free. What I use is a short impact socket extension that I had welded onto the end of a piece of that thick black plumbing pipe (1") you can get at hardware stores. On the other end of that 2 foot pipe is a T extension that is also welded in place. Then I have a couple pipes that thread into that T. (2’ and 6’). Support the pipe with a jack stand near the T, thread the 6’ pipe onto the end and viola, instant leverage.

[QUOTE=redtegra;2090654]a chain wrench will damage the pulley. what you need is the tool to hold the pulley.

x2 this tool is great. i got mine through for like 27 shipped iirc

That tool above works amazingly. I would suggest investing in one. I found mine on for $25 shipped. I’ll never try taking a crank pulley off without one, ever again.

You can still use the Morosso tool when the engine is out of the car. It is basically the same as the tool above with a three foot pipe handle attached. You might be able to rent it from a local auto parts store.

I don’t care if the chain wrench damages the power steering part of the pulley lol.

I’m trying to rob the pulley off a bad motor because the one on my good motor has a piece broken off.

So instead of ordering a tool ill hopefully never need again once I go back to work, I’ll just order a new pulley. Lol. Any clue if the OBX pulley is worth a crap? Or another brand that doesn’t have anything ATI Super dampner on it?

get a stronger impact gun, something that does around 240+ lbs of torque.
I dont think an electric impact gun can give the same results as an air gun.

took my crank pully bolt off with a craftsman impact gun and a 140psi compressor. Only took a few seconds.

that crank pully bolt is torqued at about 130lbs, so you need something strong.


Lol my electric is rated at 350 ft lbs, and I’ve seen it pull almost that before. This isn’t a chump auto zone wired electric impact.

It pulled the crank pulley bolt off my other motor no problem, just stuck it on there, zap, off. Easy as cake.

Question, are B series externally balanced or internally? My “bad” crank pulley just has some pieces chipped off it by the power steering.

oh wow thats a strong electric impact gun. lol
ive driven on a broken main pulley on my single cam and there was no problem. A piece was also chipped off(pretty large size) on the power steering part. Ran fine.


Ok cool, that’ll save me some money then if I can run it with a part chewed off. I don’t have A/C or P/S so I’m only worried about the alternator part of the pulley.

Just did my freinds si timing belt. Same issue. Took a 19mm socket for an impact placed it on the bolt. Took a 5 pound hammer struck the socket about ten good hard times. Then took my impact and it came strainght off. Have the moroso tool and no luck. Hiting the socket worked first try. Honda loves to super torque that bolt. Everyone I’ve pulled has been a pain.