To NOS or not to NOS spray?

Hmm, Im almost finished with ls/vtec with all the basic bol ons, an apexi vtec controler and everything, But I know it will only produce aprox. 200 hp or so to the wheels of my 91 ls special. I want to get 13’s out of it and I know Nos direct port 75 shot will do it but the pistons are from a b16a sirII and its a factory part engine on the inside. Should I spray it or spend my money on upgrading my pistons and rodes to forged and maybe upgrade my springs and retainers, and hold out for a turbo.?? what you guys think? My main problem with the turbo Idea is that I dont want to put another 3g’s in this car because I know I wont get my money back. I’d love to hear what you guys think thanks

i think regardless of what you do, changing the pistons/rods and valve train isn’t a bad thing to do in a ls/v. but i myself think about this everyday in my dreams, do i want to go fast all the time, or just when i need to, you know what i mean?

are you happy with the power the ls/v makes? if so, then just fortify the beast and spray every now and then, but if you want some godly force pushing you, then turbo can produce it.

i’m no expert in anything but dreaming, but i’ve chosen the built motor w/ n2o route. mainly because as a student i don’t have the time or money that it takes to properly run a turbo beast and i don’t race often at all, i’d like a nice strong motor that can beat the occasional domestic when i need it to.

if you type NOS or n2o or something like that into the search, tons of dudes have asked this question before, lots of input. good luck.