Top 10 Fastest 1/4-Mile G2's


  1. Tchleung - 12.02 @ 129.53mph - DR

  2. Drywater - 12.2 @ 114 mph - Slicks

  3. Hondatec38 - 12.3 @ 114.6 - Slicks

  4. Da9Grl’s BF - 13.0 @ 108 mph

  5. teggyracer18 - 13.12 @ 107.21

  6. RacingPoverty - 13.4@108

  7. g2surgen - 13.7 @ 104mph - Street


  1. gTIntegra - 12.8@104 - Slicks

  2. Hondatec38 - 13.6 at 103.3mph - DR

  3. AllMotorDA - 13.8@98.26 - Slicks

  4. viprtwo - 14.2 @ 97mph

  5. Integra GS - 14.247 @ 96.80

  6. Black Widow g2 - 14.7

7)Jdmphresh - 14.84 @ 91.4

  1. dat1.7gsr 14.955 @ 94.66

  2. 90DALS - 14.9 @ 89mph

  3. legin_k - 14.99@91.35 - Street


[B]Post up your:

  • Fastest Times With slip

  • Dyno Sheet

  • Videos (if you got em)

  • Set-up (N/A,Turbo, Supercharged, Nitrous)

  • Tires (Drag Radials, Slicks, Street)

---------------------------------*** List will be updated as memebers post their times ***[/B]


Well I guess I’m the fastest since I’m the first to reply

15.7 with intake and catback. other then that stock 92ls

Should run it agian in a few weeks with megan header exedy stage 1 fidanza 7.5lbs flywheel and a b16 tranny.

I gots you beat Ryan, 15.6 with just stg2 exeddy clutch 8.8 flywheel full exhaust and stock b18a1, we should race soon ryan at the track im gonna be goin when its clears up more and less rainage


Its a little long my friends Car club Jap Imports so its got some other vids check it out its really sickie

Im the Blue DA

15.2 stock gsr.

my B/F g2 went 13.0 at 108 mph. Mine should run mid 13

Test n Tune @ Sac
B16A SiR II (all motor)

Next time I take it to the track it won’t be All Motor.

15.1 GSR Short Ram, Vtec Controller

(DB1) 4dr full interior w/ i/h/e/c/f


Real timeslip.

1.9 60ft

dunlop direzzas (205/50/15) set at 15psi
injen short ram intake (3inch pipe with carb sticker)
gas tank on E
ACT 8.5LB flywheel
EXEDY organic clutch
weighed in at 2350 car only
2510 with me in it
Remus custom built exhaust 2.25inch

after i get new tires im gonna fully gut the car (pessenger seat, headliner, everything, and add my sparco fiberglass bucket) and run it once more. and remove my cat.

15.1 @ 88.8x mph BONE STOCK '91 Integra GS.

12.2 @114 mph. ya lets start posting time slips.

14.2 et @97mph
2.2 60ft

fontana, autoclub dragway
p30 pistons, lsvtec
93 integra ls

Just…cuz no one seems to be keeping track, and, it was late, and i was bored lol, not to mention curious, here’s how the leader board stands thus far.

1)Drywater 12.2
2)Da9Grl’s BF 13.0
3)viprtwo 14.2
4)Black Widow g2 14.7
5)90DALS 14.9
6)92 GSR AND Walla (TIE) 15.1
7)RedHeadPyro 15.2
8)StokelesS g2 15.3
9)Stevo DA 15.6
10)RhynoThePirate 15.7

Keep it up :salute:

here’s my time slip from capital raceway t & t last night…
R/T… .796
60’… 2.402
330… 6.435
1/8… 9.749
mph… 75.06
1000… 12.565
1/4… 14.955
mph… 94.66

I know I can do alot beter, I need a new clutch and the car spun through the first gear. I have a stock jdm gs-r b18c with intake, header, exaust, skunk 2 intake manifold and vafc.

C’mon anyone else?

No fake times either.

i went to the strip last weekend for the first time, and i dont get how you guys are getting 15 seconds on stock engines, mabye im just doing it wrong, lol i launch at 3500rpm and shift at 7, by the end of the track im at 7000rpm in 3rd and my best time was 16.271 @ 84.56MHP, im gonna run next time with my sounds system out, not winter tires, and low fuel tank, and does anyone know if takin off your p/s belt really helps?.. Oh and my engine has 275,000Km on it,

I have 240K miles (386,242kms), have PS, no A/C, full interior, 4 door, 1/4 tank of gas, stock steelie rims/tires, and everything else that I’ve already mentioned above.

If your fully stock (no mods at all), that’s not a bad time.

Last year my GT30R Built 2.0L VTEC motor did 12.02@129.53mph, 100.8Xmph in the 1/8th on BFG 225/45R17(YES, 17’s) Drag radials at 13psi hot. No times for this year yet, but bigger motor, bigger turbo, bigger injectors :wink: I use drag radials instead of slicks so I can stay in Street Legal class.

57 trim t3/t4 10 psi

this timeslip is 13.8 i just gotta find my 13.7