tower bars

What would be the best tower bars to buy.
I currently have some ebay bars but I don’t think they are working to well.
Does anyone know if Carbing makes tower bars for 90-93 Integras.


Do you have ABS?

no ABS here!

94+ tegs and 92+ civics have a different selection of bars than us. You can try and find some solid constructions ones or find another way to stiff up suspension. Most ebay bars are more for show and less for function, but they do help a little bit.

Since you don’t have ABS you have a few options. You really have to look at the construction of the bar. You don’t want anything with hinges…a solid one piece design is good. Something that is triangelated with the firewall is best in my opinion.

ok so who makes one of those? (triangulated front upper strut bar) can anyone confirm that the EF/EG/DC/etc. fusb of this design work?

Who makes good racing strut bars?

EG/DC/EK have different mounting points for struts bars. We’re pretty much stuck with the actual strut mounting point itself. Maybe someone can confirm this on a 92/93 DA. I only have 90s and 91s.

Check these strut bars on this web page;

are they any good.

Hope this helps!

Thanx alot integrawow this helped more than enough plus this shop has traction bar that I need, might even buy the 4 point rear bar system.:up:

No problem.

By the way, Explicit’s customer service is great. And John is a very reasonable guy.

I’m glad that I could help. Good luck with your car.

best Front Upper Strut Bar made for 90-93 non-abs integras has to be the Nuespeed FUSB. One piece and very solid. The EF version of this bar fits our cars as well. They go for around $150 new and half that amount used.

But i really like the way those Explicit bars look. If anyway buys or has any they should post a review.

that shit looks clean. But I’m a fan of p/s myself



everytime i see that pic

That’s probibly the best stut tower brace set up to have. Solid adjustable pre-load with triangelation bar on the firewall. I’d love to have that set-up in my car.

It’s a race car.

digitalHorizon, did you purchase that bar, have it made, or make it yourself? from my research, i have found only one company, explicitspeedperformance, that makes a three point bar for da’s. passwordjdm has a 3 pt bar for ef’s that might fit our cars, but i have yet to see someone try it. there is also a g2ic member that made their own 3 pt bar. i do realize that yours is not a 3 pt and is really two seperate bars, but i would be interested in the contact information for purchasing your two bars, although i wouldn’t want the engine damper nor the adjustable link in the strut tower bar. does anybody remember the post about the person that made their own bar 3 pt bar? i’ve looked and can’t find it.

I don’t own that car, the owner is a good friend of mine. You can check his site, or if the question isn’t answered there send him an email at He’s out of town until New Years so if you email him it’ll be a couple weeks before he’ll reply. He made the triangulation bar himself, and I believe the strut bar is Cusco but I’m not sure. The engine damper was custom machined for this application.