Treasure Island 7.16.05

tag youre it! hahahaha
well here are my photos ill add more to my full gallery later.


i just got home from the meet, it was cooo…ill post up my pix laterss :rockon:

yea what Said said


my first g2ic meet…thanks guys…you guys made me feel a home…

i only took a lil pics…enjoy!!..i was too late to the meet so i didnt getto chill with you guys…

great meet guys…

hahaha, tag your it… no tag-backs…

damn that was a long run… im in no shape to run like that anymore… i need to start excersizing more…

oh yea… haha, guys… "surprize… " :slight_smile:

kevin how was the BAT meet?

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

hahahaha… w0000000hooooooooooooo ride’em cowboy!!!

hahaha, my car’s interiror looks like an image from my japanese honda integra magazine…


bat meet was great… had a good time there also…

wooooo i got a close up of that one. i’ll post my pics soon. nice to see some old faces again and the new ones.

This meet rocked. Nice to finally meet all of you. I’ll post pics up later. Too tired to do anything right now.

damn who had te RHD that’s sik

who the hell has a rhd teg in the bay? Yuri- your car reminds me SO much of mine, i saw it for a minute and i thought it was!

steve, it should remind you of yours even more now, i took the wing off. i appreciate the comment, your teg was always one of the ones i like best.

kev did a rhd conversion but not the conventional way. instead of welding a clip to the car, he just drilled through the firewall. its weird sitting on that side :giggle:

hahaha, thats the good ol kevin way. I wanna see a pic of the firewall. I plan on getting another g2 gsr eventually, prolly not for many years tho. Sometimes i miss that car, twas good looking.

here steve, here’s my new thread about the conversion…

anyone else got pics? or is it too early in the morning to ask? hahaha

Great meet. Nice meeting everyone, it was a lot of fun. :rockon:

Ill try to get my pics up later.

Nice turn out everyone :clap: …tahnx for comin’…i had hella fun…i met alot of new people…

fucc…i forgot my camera…i was hella madd about… :mad: …

hope to see you guys next time… :slight_smile:

hehe im doing football :giggle: :angel: lol get out more :wink: AWSOME MEET GUYS! :clap:

So when is the next mmeeet??? any0one :rockon: :rockon: