Tuning Question

Okay, you’re running a standalone, you tune fuel for 15 psi of boost. But then you decide to lower your boost to 7psi for street use. Does your ‘ecu’ know that you are now running lower boost and therefore give your engine less fuel? Or everytime you change boost do you have to hook up the trusty ole laptop and adjust fuel maps? How do different systems handle changes in boost (ie, Hondata, AEM, AFC & FPR, etc)?


The hondata system computer chart has settings to set up boost
fuel management even if you turn down your boost. Idealy you want to fine tune it when you increase or decrease boost.
But you can tune it once and probably be fine. You can have two seperate files and load up the one you need. instead of manually changing the numbers., i would imagine the aem has the same capability’s but i am unsure.

The hondata system allows the stock map sensor to read up to 11 psi. You would have to get a 3 bar map sensor to increase boost. The map sensor will allow a hondata modified ecu to know how much boost it is running and map your fuel accordingly

That same map used for 7psi is no different then the one used for 15psi. When I drive my 9sec GN onthe street I run 15psi, when I go to the track or dyno I run 27psi on the same map. If your looking for extra security adjust your fuel pressure with a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and don’t play with your fuel map because fuel pressure works throughout all rpm ranges, not just idle quality.

Interesting. Good info. Thanks guys.