Turbo and RPM range...

Since a good size turbo will spool later (after 3.5k), is it that much better to build an engine to take much higher rpms? Like b16’s or 17 with 8200+ redlines should be able to stay in boost a lot longer than a b18a1 with a 6800+ redline, even if its built it does not rev very high…
So what I am asking is this…do turbo’s keep an engine in boost and with power all the way up to high rpm’s well enough to make it worthwhile to go for higher rpm’s, or is 7000 redline fine for a boost app?

the thing is, to me is that… what if the turbo doesn’t make any more power than 7k? not saying that it doesn’t or anything… supras redline to 6.5k or something like that… not sure… but yeah…

It all depends on the size of the turbo. With some, boost will drop off before the 6.5k redline, and others can hold full boost up and beyond 8.5k or whatever.

Ok cool, I was just thinking about this video I was watching of a boosted hatch that spooled at about 4k and made good power past 8500 and I was impressed. Somehow pulling hard from 3.5k to 6.5k does’nt seem like enough but I guess it’s plenty good. (I know thats the power band for driving hard, but still, would be nice to take it up higher), thanks for responding!

when im racing, im only in each gear from about 5200-7000, so 1800 rpms, and my car still rips.

its all about staying in your powerband. on an ls, the powerband is lower, like 4500-6500, as compared to a b16 where it makes peak power at like 8 grand or something.

on a b18a/b, id shoot for a turbo that accentuates the midrange of the motor, because thats where it makes its power. something like a t3 super 60 will do a nice job of this. you really dont want a turbo that is full spool at like 3k or even lower, because you will run into some traction issues…at least in my opinion