turbo b17?

anybody have any numbers on a turbo b17…i’m curious of what kind of numbers they throw down

280 whp
205 torque

timeslips? what mods?

golden eagle sleeves
JE racing pistons 8.8 compression
crower rods
fully balaced bottom end
stainless steal valves
bronze valve guides
skunk2 springs and TI retainers
all new OEM parts
drag 2 kit
RC 440cc injectors
walbro 255 pump
hondata stage 4B
AEM fuel pressure regulator
tanabe racing medallion with no cat
open turbo

i had it tuned at DRT in Queens and i was told it could easily do high 12s, but due to the fact i have a bad 3rd synchro, stock axels, and snow tires i never put in serious track time… i ran it one day i only had two runs the 1st was at 9psi that was a decent run, it was a 14.2 at 102mph, with a 2.6 60ft. now the 2nd run was a different story cause i didn’ t fully set up my avc-r right so instead of boosting at 14 psi it only did like 13psi and that run was a 14.1 at 108mph i think the 60ft was a 2.9… also keep in mind i went the track the day after i did the tuning

leson learned: don’t go to the track unless you are more prepared

Originally posted by 93B17A
leson learned: don’t go to the track unless you are more prepared

I wish I can run 14s and still say that I wasn’t prepared, hehhe…

What is the biggest difference between a drag 2 and 3 kit?

do a search

thanks for the info man…i think this might be what i’m gonna do