turbo dilema! please help :(

Well after alot of thinking i decided to keep my teg and rebuild the inside and out and turbo the motor ( alot of work outside and motor!! pics to come ) i just was tinkering around with some thoughts and was hoping for some answers to em, i did search alittle so here are the q’s ( oh yeah motor is from ls, has 175k and has been under a tarp all winter outside, ( i know, flame all you want i hate myself too )

  1. Should i rebuild whole block since it was outside?

  2. blockguard, balance/blueprint needed for 8psi? and where to get and what brand reccomended?

  3. should i rebuild the head with stock componets since mileage is high? or do something aftermarket?

  4. stay with stock flywheel or go aftermarket?

My setup i want is a t3/t04 with hondata… thanks for all the input in advance and i hope it all workd out so next yr i will be boosting!!!

well if your ganna run 8psi stock is fine only thing is u have kindove high miles for a turbo but if your compression is fine you could run 8psi no problem. also on 8psi save your self some money and buy either the smc+ with dsm450s or the safc and some dsm450s. 8psi u don;t really need hondata. im running 10psi on a stock b16 with vafc dsm450s and an msd btm.

if u do rebuild for 1300 bucks or so u could get everything from importbuilders.com. thats rods pistons bearings waterpump, oilpump. i was going to rebuild my b18a and then run about 12psi daily and 18psi track. of course then hondata is needed. but im going to be finishing it taking off the turbo kit and selling it n/a email me if u need a turbo kit ill sell ya mine in like a month. complete kit for 2500 bucks.


hope this helps

thanks for the offer on the turbo but that will come next year after all the other engine and exterior work is done, one question what is a smc? i knew i could do the afc hack but i wast sure on how reliable it really was… and as for the block ya dont think that the crank isnt bab? remember is has been outside all winter and i do live in new york so it might be or no? i think im def gonna do pistons and rods also blockgaurd… thanks for the input… what year do the dsm injectors come from???

injectors were from a 91 talon tsi

i haven;t ever really torn a block apart so i would have no idea if your crank would be in bad shape. if your going to do pistons and rods go with hondata and run 12psi daily and 18 at the track your car will pull like non other.

u could get an eagle crank or u could buy someones used crank for prolly really cheap.

SMC+ = Super Map Controller. controls larger injectors. no check valves needed, works just like the vafc only no screen just knobs. but if your ganna spend the money to rebuild then spend the extra money for hondata and run 12s on slicks!!!

okay sounds like i will be pushing towards the hondata, due to the fact i am replacing the psitons + rods. anyone recommend a specific blockguard and where to look for it, and i think i will replace the stock crank with a stock one just to be on the safe side… anymore input ??? one more thing with the hondata i dont need and fmu right

no fmu needed no inline needed.

hondata with autotune = $1300 and around $200-300 for wb o2 sensor and i think u will need some 450 cc injectors.

u will be able to run 12psi daily and run 18psi at the track if u have a local dealer with a dyno then just buy hondata s200 sense your obd1 and buy the boost option then have the local shop tune it. if no local shop is near by buy hondata s200, datalogging, romediter romulator and the programer, and the boost option. this will allow u to tune your hondata. also u can connect that kit to a wb o2 and use the auto tune feature. honda-tech has a thread on the autotune and what all is needed.

BMCC72, did you have any problems boosting above 9 PSI with the VAFC hack setup?? Whenever I hit 9 PSI I get a CEL. I didn’t think that you were suspossed to use check valves with the hack so I took them off. I’m running 370CC peak and hold injectors if that matters. Thanks

By the way to answer your question (since I jacked your thread anyway) I would go with the STR blockguard because it has holes in it for cooling. I’m not too knowledgable about hondata so correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t he need to switch to OBD1 so it would be rewriteable?

isn’t 92 and up obd1???

yes my car is obd 1 and i do have a dyno near by in queens. its like an hour away…

the only thing is can the place with the dyno tune hondata? otherwise your ganna be spending close to 1300 for tunable honata. but it would be well worth it.

My bad, I have a 91 and wasn’t paying attention.

yes they do tune hondata so thats cool… also is something like a msd btm needed for timing? i see other turbo members changing the timing and was just wonder cause a friend said he has one for cheap so i might want to pick it up if needed…

hondata has timming control