Turbo for my RS?

Hey guys…

I have had my 91 RS for two years and she runs great… I was looking through a magazine and thought about getting a turbo for my car… I am not wanting 20 lbs of boost or anything, I just want a lil boost under the hood… Probably 10 at max.

What all is involved in boosting a teg? And how much will it cost? Thanks… -Sam

first off, if you did a search, you’d find everything you’ll need to know. but here are some basics…

-waste gate(depending on the turbo)
-turbo manifold
-intercooler piping
-blow-off valve
-and of course, a fuel management setup:
either an fmu and inline fuel pump w/ stock injectors
or some bigger injectors like the dsm 450’s and use th AFC hack (or SMC if you know what that is)
or go for the tops and get a standalone like hondata

the key thing is to do your research and no matter what, don’t skimp on your fuel set-up because the majority of blown engines under boost is bad fuel set-ups.

you can either get a kit which is what people will tell you or you can piece together your kit if you know what you’re doing. hope this helps.