turbo manifold + adapter plate?

my friend who works at a shop that deals with turbos told me to get any kind of turbo manifold that bolts up to my head and get a custom adapter plate to fit whatever turbo i find. i just had to come here and ask everyones opinions on it. good? bad? problems?

it can be done, I dont recommend it but people have had good luck with it.

why not? is there too much pressure that could cause the adapter to get damaged or somethin? i just dont want to get it done and people tell me that it will f**k up my turbo, motor, etc…

if you’re going to get a manifold made, they can put any flange you want on it, so an adapter plate is really unnecessary

what manifold are you talking about?

ok, never mind I re-read it this time

actually my friend told me to get any turbo manifold that will fit my car [hks, greddy, drag, etc] then he’ll make me an adapter plate to fit whatever turbo i can get a hold of. sounds good? or would there be any risks?

I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d use gaskets though, just to be safe.

This has nothing to do with Integras, but it does deal with turbo systems.

After dealing with 3 turbo setups in my brother’s GST (T25, “Big” 16G, and finally MUTT3), “using gaskets just to be safe” is as much crap as it gets. What system doesn’t use gaskets?

If you get an HKS cast iron manifold, the flange is for a T3, and say you have an OEM IHI turbo with the 3 bolt flange, your’re going to have to build an adapter that fits both flanges (manifold and turbo), long enough to get at the bolts/studs, but not be so long, you can’t run your downpipe or turbo piping or hit your fans/radiator. With the adapter, you’re adding another point of failiure. I’ve seen a lot of custom rigs that can’t handle the heat/stress a turbo produces and you end up with cracks, exhaust leaks, melted parts, etc.

You’re better off getting a manifold that fits the car AND the turbo.

thanks se-37k, thats the kind of dangers i was thinking of. now im kinda iffy on the turbo + adapter plate.

NP, If you spend your time doing the research, you’ll spend your money correctly and end up with a much better product.

Good luck!

Originally posted by SE-37K
If you spend your time doing the research, you’ll spend your money correctly and end up with a much better product.

nice…mind if i use that as a quote…haha

"What system doesn’t use gaskets? "

oh all systems use gaskets but when you start getting into custom stuff and adapter plates, theres a lot of people that don’t use 'em.