Turbo on stock motor

i have a 91 LS with 87,000 miles on it. I’ve been looking at getting the revhard stage 2 kit. 9psi seems a little high, but if i were to get a boost controller and turn the boost down to about 6psi, would my motor be able to handle it if i didn’t run the hell out of it. also i have a friend with an 91 eagle talon who just did the gs-t conversion. he had a brand new clutch put in about 5000 miles before hand and know its slippin. would mine do the same. any opinions or comments are welcome.

That’s low mileage. I’d do a compression and Leak/Down test first. I’d assume you should be fine to boost at least 6-7 psi. If that’s your goal, maybe you should just get the stage 1 kit.