Turbo people please posts 1/4 times and how much hp your producing

I’m a newbie to this forum so please bare with me…i would like to see your 1/4 mile and hp…im building up a b16 stock everything with a inline pro headgasket which will lower my compression to 9:1 and with a drag gen 2 kit and i would like to see if anyone would know what i would run in the 1/4 mile and how much hp i will produce…thanks in advance…Marvin

Sounds like I’m the man you’ll want to talk to in a few months. I’m runnin a stock B16 with the DRAG kit. I’m swapping in some GSR cams, larger injectors, and ITR manifold before I hit the dyno, hopefully this Spring. Lookin to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 260-280/wheels at 10psi. Once I do, I’ll be sure to post the results.
Untuned at 6psi, I’ve ran 14.0 at 102mph. With a good launch, I should be able to get that down to a mid 13. I figure I was only makin 210/wheels at that time, though.

CoolGenTeg2: Can you tell me more about this inline pro headgasket? and some places where it is available?

Integracon: What type of tranny are you using with your B16? I was going to run turbo and keep my YS1 off my LS. Do you use the one provided with the B16?
Also, if you were running a 14 flat untuned at 6psi w/ only 210 at the wheels…you shouldn’t have any problems making low 13’s or even high 12’s out of a tuned motor putting down like 260 to 280hp to the wheels. I’m really curious what tranny you use though, cause that would make considerable et diffrences as well. Thanks a lot, LocalePED

LocalePED: i got the inline pro headgasket from www.inlinepro.com ask for Stan…it cost me about $299 and i just recieved it the other day…looks like a stock head gasket but way much thicker…and it looks like it will seal up the coolant pretty good…im gonna still use my stock ls tranny the ys1 cuz i dont feel like spending more cash for another transmission…im just going to rebuild it…

integracon: what are u using for fuel management?

does anyone know a good fuel management for a good price?

LocalePED:Using the S1 that came with the engine. If I could do it over, I’d keep the LS tranny, though.
CoOLGeNTeG2:Right now, I’m just using the setup that comes with the DRAG kit, inline fuel pump and Boost dependent FPR, with a VAFC. I’m seriously considering going with a standalone unit, though. However, if your on a budget and lookin to boost moderately, the DRAG FMU has proven effective.