turbo pistons

I just have a quick question – for my ls turbo setup im trying to decide whether to go with the 8.5:1 JE’s or the 9.2:1 JE’s. Im leaning toward the 9.2 considering it is the stock ls compression, and will give me less lag than the 8.5:1. Any opinions on this ? Any info would be appreciated, thanx


I am setting up an LS/VTEC turbo
it will be running 10/1 compression
I have seen stock b16 turbos run up to 300hp to the wheels and the compression on those are 10.2/1. Just make sure to run a stand alone fuel system. Once it’s tuned properly you will have no problems

i would go with the 9.2 compression ratio pistons. You do not have to run as much boost

How much boost are you planning to run? Typically, 9:2 is a good FI compression with a Honda engine due to the ability to salvage some low end power. With good tuning/engine mgmt, 10:2 is do-able, as well.