Turbo Question

I’m just wondering how many peeps here are rollin’ around with boosted Tegs… and if so, what brand, cost???

I’m looking into getting a turbo kit sometime in the near future… but I stayed away from the idea before, because I thought you needed to totally rebuild your engine… but I just read (in the lastest issue of Import Tuner) that a stock honda engine, can run anything under 10psi of boost SAFELY without any work to rebuild the bottom end… this true???

I’d love to hear the pros and cons that come with a turbo’d Teg… thanks for the advice :smiley:

Thats true for the most part. The more miles you have however the more wary I would be if I were you. I have 132k miles on mine, but I am replacing it with a newer LS engine before adding my turbo kit. HTH

derrick m.


Turbos come in kits?! :rofl:

dude… DRAG, Greddy all make turbo kits.

derrick m.


I don’t think Greddy makes a turbo kit for our engines… (or do they???) I’ve heard of people ‘making’ them fit, but I’m a bit leery… I’ve heard of a few guys around here with Drag kits… anyone know if they’re reliable??

Also, my kms are pretty high (185 000) so I’m guessing throwing a turbo on an older engine would be dumb?!

My buddy has a 98 prelude running 12 pounds of boost on a stock motor. Everyday driver…actually won 2nd place at nopi in 2001 in the prelude class…maybe it was 2000 i dont remember.

CRVTEC w/DRAG kit with TIAL wastegate and Greddy type S BOV.

Hey AMERIKAN your FI setup is very good.
I think I m gonna have the same setup as yours in this summer.
I have B17A GSR now. I will get the B20 for the bottom & Drag II turbo kit.
What PSI you boosting now? And what’s power you get?
I will have more questions ask you later.:wink:


Don’t be upset…:wink:
I will use this setup to kills those Stang in my area.:stuck_out_tongue:

I am still crying:rant: :tsk:

Hey… what’s up with your cylinders? Why all the coolant in there?

Any guesses on how fast she is (was?) ?
What compression were you running?

piecing your own turbo kit would save some money while a drag/fmax or rev-hard kit cost more but gives you all the parts you need so you dont have to shop around for additional parts.
Performance & Reliablity depends on tuning.

Pros: Your making double or more hp over stock, turbo spooling and bov sound, increased points in the “wows”

Cons: the effects of making so much power, like no traction, increased engine stress and aggesive powerband(boost curve) and turbo lag.