Turbo Questions

Ok, so, I am looking at doing a turbo set up. I only want minimal boost, so I dont need anything extreme. I read that somebody was using a Shadow turbo, and others use the eclipse turbo, what benefits would I notice to each with my goal in mind? are there a lot of companies out there that make the turbo exhaust manifold? And also, would I need a new computer or managment system to run a small turbo set up? Thanx for any help. I did a search but couldnt find my answers, so if anyone has a link, let me know.

A turbo of that size will be just fine if you don’t plan to do a complete build up of the motor before running the turbo. The best you can do is just set everything up, i.e. turbo, manifold, piping, a small side mount turbo of something like an eclipse, bigger injectors and use the VAFC HACK to run the injectors while under boost. Keep the boost low, get some fuel delivery upgrades and you should be good. The best thing I can recommend is to just get online and search for honda turbo links. You’ll pick up a lot of info if you just go from site to site, reading bits and pieces.