Turbo Rebuild

was wondering if it is very difficult to do a rebuild on a turbo yourself? anyone done it? i can get a COMPLETE rebuild on ebay for like $90.


no it is not difficult. just remember the compressor wheels nut has reverse threads.

thanks diddnt think it would be, i have a pretty decent mechanical knowledge, i just got out last night and removed my AC… engine bay seems alot more open and is ready for that nice T3 :stuck_out_tongue:

make sure u get it balanced too.

the compressor wheel is balanced by itself, the exhust wheel and shaft are balanced by themselves. If they are taken apart, they don’t need to be rebalanced.

This is true, but make sure that you put a mark on the nut prior to disassembly so when you put it back together, you can tighten the nut to its previous position. Otherwise, it won’t be balanced anymore.

I would still get it balanced. Do you want to risk something that spins at 150,000 RPM (such as a small turbo) being out of balance? I know I wouldn’t.

would it be worth rebuilding it my self then bringing it somewhere to get balanced or should i have some other place rebuild it all together

i rebuilt my turbonetics t3/to4e… easier than shit, I guarentee u will not have a problem get the kit off turbonetics or who even makes the turbo… get ur self a nice set of snap ring pliers(bearing snaprings are soo small the holes in them are about the size of a pin) I used some craftsman professionals, and also get urself a pick set and a small bottle of white out to mark the turbine shaft and compressor wheel to ensure they are balenced once competed, on and the pick set is for the turbine shaft seal…make sure not to stretch it out too much when reinstalling the newone for it will be a major bitch to slide the tubine shaft into the centerpiece(bearing housing) and clean the hell out of the groove that holds this little keyring sized metal seal

like what others said about turbo imbalence… not true turbine shaft and compressor in most modern turbos are balecned as a whole and no the nut doesnt make a difference if it is the common 12 point 11mm design just mark them and have at it mark as many places as u can incase some thing for somereason get wiped off that would be shitty…