Turbo setup for my 90 rs, my plans anygood

Hey guys whats up,

I plan on piecing together a turbo kit for my
90 integfra rs
127K miles
(in shop replacing motor mounts and tranny

My plans and goals

100% daily driver, Just looking for some extra power and fun,
Need the motor to last at least 1 year
Looking for about 225WHP250WHP
In high school so I’m on a very tight budget

Want to keep A/C and P/S etc…

I also want something that spools up pretty fast, T3 :wink:
But unsure on the exact trim I want .60?
As I’m more interested in acceleration than top speed

Here is what I was thinking
What ever doesn’t have anything means I’m unsure

-Turbo Manifold


T3 .60 Trim?


-Exhaust system
(2.5 inch downpipe, full 2.5 inch ehuast)

DSM 450’s from ebay

-I/C pipe/charge pipes,
custom DIY

Ebay $200


-Vacuume hose an T fittings
-Oil suply and return hoses

-Turbo Timer
Apexi Auto Turbo Timer $75

-Boost controller

AEM Fuel pressure reg.
AEM Fuel filter
What else?

-High pressure fuel pump?

Hondata s200
What ECU?

Dyno W/tuner

-Spark Plugs
I know colder plugs what what?

Boost, Water, Oil temp etc…

Am I missing anything?
The ones that have nothing means I’m unsure what I should get and where

I’m on a very very tight budget,
like 1,300 + Tuning money

Thanks, Later

here are pics of the car,
The only thing on the outside will be tinting
Sleeper yo (Aside from the FMIC)

depending on what kind of manifold your using its going to be hard for u to keep ur a/c.which is when you’re going to find out that space is going to be an issue. as for engine management hondata doesnt work on obd0 cars ,just get ur stock ecu chipped with uberdata or turbo edit.

$1300 i dont think so un less

manifold 300 i dont think u will keep ur ac ps yes
turbo junkyard $200 $300 ford thunderbird t3 60-1 brandy new sc61 $800
oil line kit $85 tunertoys
fmic $200 tyrus or cca
4 U-bends $25 each
1 45 degree bend $15
1 3foot pipe $12
clamps screw type 2.5" $1.35 each
home depot 2.5" coupling tube for charge pipe have no idea i have silicone
fuel pump walbro 255 lph w/connector $115
Boost guage $50
fuel pressure guage Russell $60 dont get B&M
2.5" downpipe w flex pipe and o2 bung $175
chipped ecu i have no idea there
Dsm 450’s and clips $85 to $100
blow off valve $135 turbo smart BovI
4 ngk bkr7 spark plugs $10 each
misc gaskets like t3 flange to manifold to turbo, maybe $100
new arp head studs $85
arp rod bolts $85
civic half radiator dual core if u need cause turbo may be in the way $100
exhaust 2.5" $400
total with junkyard turbo around $2200 and thats no labor for installation and the welding of ur pipes and no chipped ecu. labor is anywhere from 500 to 800

unless u get a used kit $1300 and tunning is a dream that wont come true

dyno time where i am is $100hr that just the dyno then u have to pay ur tuner. it may take like 3 to 4 hrs just to set it up.

ur in high school just make ur car driveable, presentable then save save save
and when u get engouh money to get ur turbo project together u might not have that car or u wont want to turbo it anymore


I can get free piping and My dads friend is a welder,
So thats covered,
I can have the A/C lines re-routed,

I have searched,
I can bring up many threads of people spedning about
There was also one that was built with 850
But the guy used a 12:1 fmu and some other cheap stuff

We’ll see, I can get stuff pretty cheap,
from my dads friend.

Anyone else

hmm cheap turbo builds = KABOOM

yes u can built a hmt kit on the cheap but there is this thing called wanting more boost. You crank it up with a fmu and KABOOM.

If ur goin to do somethin as in anything in life do right the first time so u dont have to do it twice . I cheaped out on my all motor build KABOOM. Learned my lesson and now i did all the reading i could do, bought known quality stuff
waited for a sale or found someone selling something i wanted.

with a decent front mount, 450cc injectors and turboedit, you’ll be fine to 10psi on pretty much any t3. just get the car street tunned and keep the price of tunning to a minimum.

you dont need all that you mentioned. this is the only things you need

get a cheap garrett t3 turbo from ebay (make sure its garrett dont whant to get anything cheap like xs power)-150

drag manifold-200 or get 100 bux more and get one from klubhead1 on honda-tech.com he has some nice log manifolds

tail wg -200 or turbonetics delta mark II -100 from me

ic piping

obx/johnnyracecar/ fmic -200

ic piping -free from dad

2.5 in dp -100 OBO from me

dsm blue top injectors- 50 from honda-tech.com

oil lines- 60 from ebay (make sure its a 3 an line)

exhuast - none run open dp

exedy stage one clutch- 250 at ebay

motor mount inserts (your going to break the oe ones) - 40 at ebay

mbc- 10 at ebay

autometer boost guage - 40

couplings- about 50

misc. about = 100

Total= about $1300 not including tuning and ecu chipping

keep inmind that some things you can find cheaper and some a bit more. if tuned right and you dont dog the shit out of it then it should last you over a yr.

ps. if you whant that dp and the wg e-mail me at turbo_integra_ls@yahoo.com

i hope that helps.

you can go over 10psi along as you dont go over 300whp on that stock motor other wise you can say good bye, unless you have a badass tuner like me. if you go over 12psi your going to need a 3 bar map sensor and thats another 75 bux.

If you’re short money, you can’t have all that- First, ditch the turbo timer…its pointless- If you touch boost while you’re driving, give it a minute or two to cool off and get some fresh oil…the timer is a waste of money, make it an afterthought. Try a BMC racing manifold, He can make you a mild steel AC/PS compatible for 185+shipping. As far as an intercooler, I picked up an old mercedes IC for 30 bucks, its a front mount…Flame the plastic endtanks, but its not gunna be seeing over 9psi. For a wastegate, if you can find a super 60 with an internal gate, ur good to go, otherwise the BMC comes with a flange for an external- Don’t spend the money gettin a BOV thats loud either, a 1g DSM sounds awesome…Runs about 50 bucks- you’ll love it…and if you want it to flutter, crush it. Send that PR4 OBD0 ECU to xenocron and for about $100 he’ll chip and basemap you…Turboedit style. It won’t be perfect, but if you go this route, you’ll have plenty for a tuner. The stock fuel pump will be fine for 9psi and under, i wouldnt throw away the money at one right away…but a walbro 190 or 255 will do just fine- 100 lightningmotorsports.com- Gotta do a little more research- but 1300 is an expensive kit…Mine’s almost ready minus the oil lines and i’m only in about 650

Just keep in mind a few things. Don’t skimp out the first time b/c you’ll end up having to replace shit. Don’t expect you motor to stay healthy for a long time without lots of research and know exactly what your motor is doing. In most situations you get what you pay for. Yes, you could build you a POS kit with about $500. Don’t expect it to last long. My advice would be, no matter how tempting it is, save your money and do it right ONE time. OR save your money and pay your way through school. Seems like a lot of highschool kids are not realizing whats more important in life. HTH

I had mine all planned out and budgeted for under $1000, but as time went and now I’m a few days away from completion, the budget didn’t work so well. Alot of small things pop up, especially if you care about your motor.

Custom tubular stainless manifold - Built by myself and a friend for ~125
1g DSM turbo(internally gated) - $80
Walbro 190 lph fuel pump - $80
DSM 450 cc injectors - $30
1g DSM BOV - $15
JRC IC - $200
12" slim fan - $60
Material to fab IC and exhaust pipes ~$300
Silicone connectors - $75
Clutch and pressure plate - $300
Oil pump, water pump, timing belt kit - ~$200
Oil line kit - $60
J&S Safeguard (which i feel is necessary for a good and safe tune) - $300
Boost gauge - $60 (I got other gauges but they arent necessary)
ECU chipping kit from xenocron - ~$20 I think? And found a friend to chip it
MBC controller - $15
Catch can - made mine for about $20
Around $100-$200 for random stuff that you’ll end up needing

This all totals to a little more than $2000, and I spent a bit more than these totals because I didnt want to cut any corners. I also did the suspension too to help keep the power to the ground. And thanks to the recommendations to others, I have new axles to install since mine were going bad and probably would have exploded once boosted.

Having a friend that can tune very well helps save alot of money as well. Fortunately I wont have to pay anything to tune.

My project starts this Friday, so I’ll post some updates and pics along the way if I’m ever not in the garage.