turbo...Stock internals

Man, I can hardly ready anymore…there are thousands of turbo posts…ughh
Ok, What is a safe boost to run on a stock internal engine
(I know…It’s not safe). I am putting in a crower 403 set of cams and crower valvetrain asap. But, I want to start getting my Homemade turbo parts assembled.
I will run an intercooler as soon as I decide on a good one…starion isuzu npr…etc.
I have read f members running boost on coplete stock internals…5psi or so?
But…I want a setup I can turn up to about 15psi max.
Once I PP and build the top end, and redo the bottom end.
Any help would be appreciated.

a safe boost level would be 8psi or lower, thats just in my opionion. depending on how u build ur motor, will determine how much boost ur motor can handle.

So are you saying 8psi or less on stock internals…?
Or after I have built my engine.
What setup are you running?

before engine blows up, alot of turbo guys say its 12/13psi. i dont think the crower 403s are good to run with turbo due to too much over lap. stock cams with crower valvetrain will be good. port and polush, even better. but that stuff wont make you handle boost, low compression pistons and heavy duty rods like crower or eagle rods, and blockgaurd and head studs and your good.

if you really want high boost like 15, 20psi, to be safe, send the block out to get it sleeve and bore out. like said in the other post, building it to handle boost is easy if you have money to do it, feeding it enough fuel to support the psi is not so easy. it takes alot of tunning when running high boost or even low boost.

So for now…I should be ok with 5-6 as my boost level…On stock internals? Or is that still pushing it?
Should I just wait until I rebuild the engine…?
I just want a taste before I go all out.

run 5-6 psi for now. but let me warn you. it will still be a stock engine. don’t beat on it or run the turbo up. no racing no anything. you will use it only for show (I.E. when you roll up onto people rev up and let the BOV sound off). you will have a great increase in pwoer but becareful with it b/c it is still stock. running 5-6 psi is safe, only if you take care of it.

here is the answer you want

you wont boost for very long at all over 13psi ring lands even on special JE forged pistons blow off constantly; however, 9psi on a 75k-150k motor that was taken care of RIGHT and is not drag raced every light will last. Things like fuel management, and an intercooler and running on LOW let me repeat LOW boost 5-6psi depending on wastegate setup will last , just turn the rev limiter down a couple 100 rpms and retard the timing a preset amount for every lb of boost, have installed egt, a/f, and a boost gauges, Hard charge pipes with a decent bov, those hkssbov’s and twin chambers are cool but if you dont know how to tune one DONT buy it , it will be more of a pain in the ass than its worth , something like a stock mk3 supra trubo bov, or a 1g/2g dsm bov they go for like $20-50 in newish condition, Please dont run without an intercooler, hot air charge=easier to knock=grenaded motor, go with a t3 setup its efficeny at 9psi will be close to 100% wich is VERY VERY good. Also dont let people knock the cast log style manifolds for street/strip setup they are fine, people talk such shit, I can build a kickass turbo setup for 1/2 the price of the B series greedy /trust/ revhardon etc. Now of course if you want to live in la la land and say your going for higher than 14psi on a bseries then be my guest and buyt the over priced chat. rofl

Now on that note tubular manifolds have advantages dont get me wrong for less than 9psi setups dont waste your money cause you will not even be taping into the potential of the manifold.

Blah im done ranting agian. Im sure you guys are tired of my posts.

Not tired at all…actually quite the opposite…I really appreciate the help!!

No complaint here… you had some very valid points.

i was running 9psi on my 91 Teg, i blew after 2 months. But it was pretty fun ha ha gotta love cheap old B18as. Just buy another for 500 bucks and spend an afternoon with a engine hoist!