Turbo stops spinning at idle

I got my oil return line hooked up today, so i started the car up. The car ran good and the turbo was spinning fine when the car was warming up. But after the car warmed up and the rpms dropped, the turbo would stop spinning occasionally. If you give it some gas, the turbo would start spinning again and would spin for a while. It would only stop every once in a while. I am positive that it is getting oil, so what would cause it to stop spinning? The turbo is brand new. Is this normal?

That is completely normal. There was a huge thread on this on hondatech and atleats half the ppl with brand new turbos said theirs didn’t spin while others said theirs did. It’s just by chance they spin or not at idle. I’m talknig Garret/Precisino trubos as well. My SC34 spinds at idle. but taht really manes nothing. I wouldn’t worry about it man.

Could it be because the turbo is not broken in? I guess it wouldnt hurt anything because it is still getting oil. Its just not spinning

No like I said. it’s completely normal. Some people’s turbos don’t spin even after they’ve had it for a lnog time.

Cool man. Appreciate the help