Turbo Timer Install

I just got me a greddy turbo timer, and I am goign to install it in my 1991 teg…but I have no Helms manual to help me with the wiring and no shop around to do the install for me. I would appreciate anyone that can help post up the wire color of the correspondings wires to be connected, thank you.


There is no way you did a search before you created this thread. Its ALOT faster to get your info if you do a search first and also saves bandwith on this site (which hasn’t been plentiful lately).

here is the link I got from searching…


‘help wiring up turbo timer’ is a good one w/ a link w/ pics

yeah, I forget to search sometimes, sorry about that.

its cool man.

It just sucked for me when the site was down b/c I really needed to get some info from this site and I couldn’t get to it. I knew exactly where it was and should have taken 3 min. But I had to search the web and it took over an hour, that whole time I could have been finishing my car.

I’m just all about keeping the site up as often as possible so we can get the info we need.

good luck on your TT install.

THe search function is not helping…as in not listing the wire color and corresponding fgunction. I did however get the wire choice down to 3 with the HKS turbo timner post, but HKS does not post a nice detailed instruction sheet on their webpage, so once again I am stumped, drop me a line or hit me up on aim, thanks.

check this site out:


the guy installed a Greddy turbo timer in his teg…

No offense, but um tha is a 95 teg right, wouldn’t the wiring be different or if you are trying to drop me a hint, I am not getting it.

its the same wiring and the same ignition, even the wire colors are same.

The only difference is that our ignition faces straight back and that one pictured (95 integra) is tilted sideways (towards the steering column).

Oh, thank you…now I feel like a moron.

So the red wire goes to the white ign. wire
Green goes to the black and yellow ign. wire
Blue goes to the yellow ignition wire.
Is this correct, or do I need to look closer at it.

look closer bro, cause i dont remember 2 wires going to the yellow ignition wire…btw, thats the same site that helped me hook up my HKS once you know the wires, it’s easy:D


I should have been a little more accruate, the black with yellow stripe*

here you go man:

From Turbo Timer - to Ignition

Red wire - White wire
Green wire - Black wire yellow stripe
Blue wire - Yellow wire

ok whats the white wire? i have a white wire with a red stripe and a white wire with a black stripe

the greddy works for me wen i turn the key back one click, but once removed the car shuts off


There is a huge white wire. Click the link to importnut, and you’ll see the picture of the huge white wire.

Where do the other wires go? The purple and brown wires, and the gray wire with the connector on it??

this is way off topic but which greddy timer did u get and how much did it cost?

nice stuff…ill have to do this when my turbo timer comes

well i just installed my turbo timer and now my system wont work and my radar detector wont work…fuses are good too

ok i just found out wat was wrong…it was the fuse in that green box right above the fuse box area by the driver

ya what r the brown and purple wires for? and were exactly is the ignition at, i have so much crap under my hood lol