turbo troubles

heres the set up, bult bottom end b18a stock head, stock ign, walbro, 750cc injectors, t3t4 , crome.

having a very intermitent problem, i go to start my car after class, and it it sounds like im running on 2-3 cylinders, black smoke everywhere raw fuel smell is in the air. wont idle for shit. come back couple hours later its fine. so far, have got new plugs, new plug wires, new cap, new rotor, diffrent §§§§§ from a running car. STILL have this problem can anyone please explain whats going on, i get stranded 4-5 times a week at school and it sucls. took it back to the tuner and says the tune is good, even burned a new chip. im almost ready to throw in the towel call it quits and sell the damn thing.

will do it any time,at cruise(will sound like the car just suts off nothing when i hit the gas pedal but eventualy comes back sounding like a wrx) underload, same what i just mentioned, and when sitting in the heat, starts fine in the am but afternoon, forget it. can anyone help i will PAY some one to do it. i really dont want to sell it.
oh yeah and sometimes it will just turn off at idle, no bogging or anyhting just sounds like the key was turned off. then will start running like shit when it starts back up.

first off does your boost gauge have a vacuum readout? if so check it when the problem happens and see how much vacuum your pulling, if your not pulling any or very little, check every one of your vacuum lines, at idle if the map sensor isnt seeing vacuum it will tell the ecu to use the tables for 0 in./vac., and dump fuel into the motor when it should be using the maps for -15 to -20 in./vac., so i would really look over all of the lines. HTH :up:

Have you checked your ignitor and coil? Intermittent problems are most likely wiring issues.

I had the same problem, one time, my mechanic said " the ignition is going bad. I do have turbo. I changed out my msd btm. Now car runs hard.

YOur headgasket is probably in a few different pieces.

well i have replaced so far, plugs, wires,distributor, cap rotor(used dist.) so the secondary should be fine. do 92’s have knock sensors?

and ill check next timewith the vaccum, i belove it reads normal about 22-23 inches and i have to keep reving it to keep it alive, so vacuum stays around normal, ill pay more attention to it the next time, which will mostlikely be the next time i drive it