Hi guys. I searched the hell out of this topic and can’t find any specs on the intercooler piping.

What size is the intercooler piping? I’m buying the piping off osmeone and he said he ‘thinks’ its 2.5 and I just want to make sure.

Also does anyone know what the specs are on the intercooler that comes with the kit? He said its for the B series kit.

And what BOV flange is it? It comes with a Turbonetics Raptor BOV, but I already have a 1st gen DSM bov, will this fit the flange?

Ok well the dude ended up telling me it was 2.25 piping last night so I bought it then today he tells me the HOT side is 1.75 an that doesnt really sound right. I don’t mind if its 2 inch but 1.75 is a bit small. I told him to ship it anyway since I still got a sweet deal on it, but I want to know if I’m going to have to buy new hot side pipe now.

Also if it helps, that downpipe is 2.25 in the front, and 2.5 after the flange. it gives something to compare it to.


turbonetics does not make a kit that fits our chassis.