TX, crank pulley

looking for a new crank pulley for my b17. my current one is all messed up… and no i don’t want a 94-01 integra one as then i have to change altenator pulley as well. just wanna in good as shape, or if someone has a brand new in box OEM one hiding somewhere i will take that as well… this is for a 0 mile engine so i want everything perfect upon first start up.

will pay for shipping so don’t worry about that.



Ctr crank pulley

i have a ctr crank pulley i have for sale , i can let it go for 80 shipped with the belt , lmk 713 998 4520

those are everywhere, ctr crank pulleys destroy bearings… being that i am going a fresh engine from honda. i do not wanna destroy my bearings with a non dampening pulley. if i have to i will slap an ATI on there… but i am trying to keep it ALL oem



I’ll have one soon, but you have to wait until the moter gets pulled. Probably in a month or so… It’s coming out of my 92 GSR

wait shouldn’t hurt, one dude wants to sell me his for $40 plus shipping but he doesn’t have an impact to take it off lol

I’ll post back on here when I get the motor out and have the pulley pulled. Hopefully it won’t be longer then a month

I think you emailed me looking for one a while back right? I was going through a box yesterday looking for something and I think I saw one with the rest of my disassembled b17 bottom end. Shoot me a text this afternoon and I’ll double check for you.


roger will text


Just an FYI: the B16A1 (jDM EF and DA vtec engine) crank pully is the same as the B17. This might be easier to find. When I bought the B16 for my integra the crank pully was broken so I had to order the b17 one.

i was told the belt style is different, one having v belt and one ribbed

Same: two inner belts are ribbed and the outer is v.
Inner (alternator) ribbed
Middle (A/C) ribbed
Outer (power steering) V

Let me know if you need pictures.

part number by any chance? its literally the only piece i need to start engine assembly… and i don’t have ac or power steering

There is a chipped one on eBay you could use if you don’t need the power steering. Needs some cleanup. Nothing a brass brush and some black paint would not fix. http://www.ebay.com/itm/88-91-JDM-Honda-Civic-B16-crank-pulley-harmonic-balancer-OEM-B16A-engine-motor-/331546932854?hash=item4d31bcb676&vxp=mtr

I don’t have an IPC for the B16a1 to give you the part number. I would assume it would be the same as the B17 piece P/N 13811-PR3-013 as was an exact match.

You should be able to find a used B16 piece.

Edit: found this cross reference in Japan: http://jp-carparts.com/honda/part_detail.php?maker=honda&type=INTEGRA%203D&cartype=15411&fig=E&fig1=1600&fig2=15


i had one that was chipped, and i sold it… i don’t see one being chipped having a perfect balance, and since its going on a brand new b17 not rebuilt, brand new… i don’t wanna risk anything especially vibration from a broken pulley…