UPDATES: G2IC Clothing Fund Raiser. 2013-2014

21 DECEMBER 2013: 1950Eastern

G2IC Store is now LIVE! Please support G2IC by checking out http://store.g2ic.com

Please go to the last post of this thread for the latest information.

31JAN2014: Thank you for all the orders. Please check the G2IC Forum for order updates.

12FEB2014: The winter storms have caused a delay in production. The current estimate for delivery of G2IC Apparel is now Mid-March. Please check the G2IC Forum for further details.



For a limited time during this fund-raising event, you can receive G2IC apparel and stickers for the specified amounts donated to the club.

All funds are used to pay for software, hosting, domain fees, and other costs associated in keeping G2IC online.

If you donate for apparel, please note that the delivery date for apparel will be sometime in February 2014. The last day for orders will be 30 January 2014. After that date, the orders are tallied and then processed at the apparel printer. (The bulk order saves us a substantial amount of money on having them made).

Burning the midnight 5W30 trying to get the ecommerce site up, but it is really not cooperating. Give me a few more days to consult my expert. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, here is what the choices are: Sizes S-XXL. Colors (attempting to match the stock Integra colors): White, black, red, darker red, blue, dark green, gray. Donation amounts: $12 will get you a Tshirt, $25 will get you a pullover hoodie, $30 will get you a zippered hoodie.

Paypal will be the main means of donating to G2IC for the official G2IC Apparel. Please make sure your account is active and funded!
EDIT: Actually it looks like you can pay with Credit/Debit card via Paypal pretty easily now. So that will work too.

I am still troubleshooting the E-commerce site that you can use to donate money to get the G2IC Apparel. I will update this thread once everything’s good to go.

Just like all the previous times, I will be gathering all the donations first, and then place the group order, and once I receive the apparel from the printer, I will mail them out.

Final testing of the G2IC Store will be this weekend. I expect us to go live either Saturday or Sunday!

Store is now LIVE! Please click the “G2IC Store” link on the top of any page (Next to “What’s New” and “Forum”) or go to http://store.g2ic.com

I’m excited to make my purchase. Will this be available at all times or just for a limited time like last time? lol

Only until 30 January 2014

Sweet I’ll be ordering the deadline

I would love to buy a couple hoodies and shirts but I just so happen to be on the bigger side and 2xl doesn’t work for me haha. I can still order my GF a shirt and a couple hoodies! If bigger sizes become Available then ill order more!

Not seeing any hoodies up there yet, hope to pick up a few more.

Dont see hoodies either deff want 2 again 4dr and a 2dr also

Hoodies are listed. They are in the “Style” drop-down box. T-shirt, zippered hoodie, and pull-over hoodie. “Graphic” has three door or four door options. :bowthank:

already order :up:

Ordered 2 sweatshirts and t-shirt. Last time I ordered to small.

Thanks for the support everyone! Please spread the word.

Ordering my hoodie now! So stoked you finally started to make some again! :slight_smile:

Great communication. Already re-order with the new items included.

A++ service :excite:



can’t wait for mine to come in!

i cant wait to order mine

Put my order in :slight_smile:
cant wait till february!