Vacuum at idle?

I was just wondering what everyones vacuum is at idle

20 IN/HG.

so if mines read 16 or 18 hg then I have a vacuum leak?

Seeing as your from Hawaii, unless your at Diamond Head taking the readings, high altitudes affect vacuum pressure. How’s it running? If your not experiencing any unusual excessive bogging or idling problems, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just do a quick check of all your vacuum lines, if everything is okay-then you should be alright.

a tight valve adjustment will cause low vacuum readings/compression as well. .003 INT / .006 EXH will usually give me 15inhg and 160 all across compression. .006 INT / .008 EXH will yield 20inhg and 190 compression. My motor likes a looser setting.

I messed around and found that my down pipe for my exhaust had a major crack in it. So I guess the O2 sensor was reading wrong. but everything is o.k. I guess thanks for the help