VES ( gotta check this out)

opinions anyone?

thats hot as hell. i might get it. will it work with a greddy g2?

it is universal it replaces your Cat, so all you need is a tig welder and some flanges :clap:

let me get this straight. normal driving the valve is closed? so its coming out of the small exhaust pipe. and during WOT the valve opens up so it can go through the complete exhaust system? hmmm

ahh there you that makes more sense to me.

Shit is ill :clap:

i wonder what theyre going for. I want this.

Bleh…it doesnt do anything for the most important feature that a larger exhaust gives you…QUICKER SPOOL TIME. Might help your top end…but if you have a properly sized turbo, and you think you need more top end…just turn up the boost a tad.

Plus it’s at a right angle, not optimum for an exhaust pathway.

This is what I was gonna use. Standard E-Cutout. I’d rather not be runing open DP all the damn tme like you would be with teh ATP when in any boost

BTW, For sale :wink:

Hey Tchleung where did you get that exhaust cutout, and what company makes that electronic one that you have. I want to put one on my car, but the only one i could find was that cheap 40 dollar JC Whitney one.

it’s 199US from DMH Performance with flowtech “Y” pipe. you can get it with jsut the cutout for 179.99us I think.